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"Great gameplay, but the graphics aren't that good."

Pokemon Yellow for the Nintendo Gameboy is basically a follow up for Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Green (which was Japan only). The main difference is that you can get all the three starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander) and that you start out with a Pikachu, that always follows you whilst walking around the map.

Gameplay 10/10

Of course, the great Pokemon gameplay! When you get into the battle screen, you can select one of four moves to use against your foe. Now the great thing is that some moves are good against your opponent, and that not all moves are attack moves, that you can get status inflictions and so on and so on. It features a very complex damage system which makes Pokemon, despite its sometimes childish looks, a very adult game. And of course the level growth. This is also a very complex system. It basically runs off experience points you get when defeating another Pokemon in battle. There are 6 different statistics, and every Pokemon grows differently depending on it's type and so on and so on. When a Pokemon gains a certain level, it will evolve and change to another, stronger Pokemon, which is quite unique for an RPG. Overall, I could not find a better gameplay for this game, and any future games that may follow.

Story: 6/10

The story is not very original here I must say. You basically go through all the cities beating trainers and also very strong trainers called ‘Gymleaders'. Then there is an evil organization called ‘Team Rocket'. They do some malicious acts, but after you finish the game they won't return again, which is kind of a pity. The story basically ends when you beat the so called ‘Pokemon League', which consists of having to beat an amount of extremely strong and professional trainers. There is kind of a lack of side quests in my opinion.

Music and Sound Effects: 7/10

Hah, music on the Gameboy! I actually pretty like the music. The tunes get in your head after a while, and you keep singing them. It's up to you if you find that annoying or pleasant, but I find it rather pleasant! Every move has its own sound effect, but I don't really like them for most of the moves. Every time you bump onto a wall when walking you get an annoying sound, which isn't a major plus either. Overall a seven.

Graphics: 5/10

Okay, let's state one thing. Do not, I repeat, do not play Pokemon for the graphics. Although they are not that ugly when walking in the world, the sprites of the Pokemon in battle are just very bad. Especially when looking at the back of your Pokemon. Just look at the sprite of Hitmonlee when you're battling with it! It looks like a gravestone! When you put your game into the Gameboy Color, it basically gets a red shade on everything. I recommend not to put it into the Gameboy Color. The fact that the graphics are bad does not mean the game is bad however. At least, the Pokemon sprites are way better than those for Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue.

Replay Value: 9/10

It is kind of impossible to describe the replay value for this game. Basically it's infinite. The greatest goal is to get all Pokemon. Well, you cannot get all Pokemon without trading with Pokemon Red and Blue. Even then, there is one Pokemon you cannot get, namely Mew. You would have to go to a real life Nintendo event to get it. If you don't want to get all Pokemon, you could try to level some of your best Pokemon up to the maximum level, level 100. Or you could battle with your friends over the link cable. Everything is possible!

Controls: 7/10

Oh well, controls on the Gameboy! Even a child could find out. The d pad is to walk and to select a move, A to do everything and B to cancel everything. The one thing that disturbs me the most is the usage of items when walking. You have to press START for the menu, then go to the Items, and then select an item. This is very annoying if you want to use your Bicycle. The later versions of Pokemon feature a select option, which means that you register an item and from then on, everytime you press select, you automatically use the item. Was this so hard to think of?

Buy or Rent?

Definitely a Buy. This game is just way too big to rent. As it is very fun to battle with your friends and trade Pokemon, this is really a buy. The gameplay is really great. Although the graphics aren't very good, the game is just great. It is really great fun to meet with 5 of your friends for a Pokemon party or something, especially when they all have different versions of the game. Just get together and link up!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/09/06

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