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"One of the greatest games ever spawns an equally as good sequel."


How do you write an introduction for a Pokemon review? The popularity of these games is arguably more than the Zelda series. Incredibly addictive, wonderfully made and simply unforgettable. One of Nintendo's smartest ideas. At the current time, there is 11 Pokemon games. That's not including the different games like Pinball. This is the third, and there are some significant differences between this and Pokemon Red/Blue.


Same as before. You are a young boy. You set off to become the Pokemon Champion. You must fight loads of trainers, train up your select group of Pokemon and take on the best of the best. A little strange (whatever happened to school or getting a job?!?) but it has to be to keep with the game. All the characters from Pokemon Red/Blue are back. Professor Oak, his annoying grandson, your Rival, Gary, the Gym Leaders, etc.


This game focuses more on the tv series. Jessie and James are back as the clueless Team Rocket members, Gym Leaders have Pokemon similar to their tv series counterparts, and the big difference, Pikachu. Instead of choosing either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, you are given Pikachu. This makes Pokemon Yellow differ from Pokemon Red/Blue. You now have to choose Pokemon differently, making this a nice change from the previous games.

The game goes one step more to being based more on the tv series by making Pikachu walk behind you. He won't go in the Pokeball until he faints. A great little feature. You can also talk to him to see how he feels about you.

The fighting system is the same turn-based style. You attack, your enemy attacks, you attack again, etc. You have to train up your Pokemon by winning battles. Winning battles earns your Pokemon EXP. Points. Get enough to go up a level. So simple, yet so good.

You are still allowed only 4 moves per Pokemon, which can be annoying, as you wil always want your Pokemon to learn more powerful moves, but keep some of the weaker moves as back-up. The same TMs and HMs reappear.

This game is very addictive. You'll keep wanting to come back and fight again and again. Which you must. Or I will find you. >_>

Catching Pokemon is the same. There are special grass covered areas. Pokemon randomly appear when you walk through these grassy sections. Pokemon also appear in caves or water. This can get annoying if you're trying to progress through a particularly tricky area, and there's Pokemon popping up every 2 seconds. The Repel potions return. They keep Pokemon at bay for a certain amount of steps. They can be bought at the numerous shops throughout the world. But if you run out of Repels in the middle of a cave, then it's not much use, is it?

Also on sale is the usual items. Pokeballs, Burn Heal, Antidote, etc. They can be bought for a reasonable price. You earn money from battling and winning. I personally never bought anything except for the Pokeballs. As before, more and better items become on sale the further into the game you go. Keeps the game fresh. Kind of.

Another feature that doesn't appear in either Pokemon Red/Blue or the tv series is Gary's Pokemon. In Red/Blue, he took either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. He always chose what was superior to yours in type. So if you chose Bulbasaur, he took Charmander. You take Charmander, he chooses Squirtle. You take Squirtle, he goes for Bulbasaur. But now you have Pikachu. He takes a Pokemon totally different. Eevee. You must remember this as the unique Pokemon that could evolve in many ways, depending on the stone you gave it. Gary gets this, meaning that he could evolve it into anything, making this more secretive, and less predictable.

Trading is still required to get all 150 Pokemon. As for Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, you don't have to trade to get them. Well, I did say the game focuses more on the tv series...


It's a Game Boy game. How do you describe the controls? Simple enough, and the menus are made so that it's easy enough to navigate them.


Not the best, but it is just the Game Boy. Pokemon look nice, as do the attack-animation. Everything else is the same as Pokemon Red/Blue.


All the wonderfully catchy sounds return. Simple, yet so effective. Who didn't love that music when you challenge the Champion for the title of Pokemon League Champion?


The difficulty is the same as ever. You determine how hard the game is. If your Pokemon are weak, then it's going to be hard. Strong, and it's going to be easy. It is a strategy game, remember. This is more prominent in Pokemon Yellow as in Pokemon Red/Blue, some of the difficulty was determined by the Pokemon you chose. Bulbasaur makes the start of the game easy, Squirtle makes it moderate at the start and Charmander makes it hell at the start. With Pikachu, this takes that away.


Can last a very long time. First-time gamers will last much longer. Catching all 150 Pokemon will make it last even longer. Unfortunately, you can only have one save game at a time, as usual. Meaning if you play through the game again, then you'll have to save over the old save.


+Great Gameplay
+Nice features
+All 150 Pokemon return
+Very catchy sounds
+Simple and great fighting system




Brilliant. Addictive. Ingenious. Thank you. Goodnight. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/06/07

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