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"Not Much Different Except Pikachu"

Like the score dropdown list in this Review Form I'm reviewing in.. "Playable - nothing special about it". Pokemon is the biggest thing that has ever hit television in Anime, Manga, and even Video Games. Many fans who have watched the show but never played the game would find out that this game just doesn't have the great graphics you would see in the movies. If you played this game during those times, you would probably have to say, "I'll just wait until a few years when we get better graphics." During those times, I remember I was going all, "Wow, amazing!" Now I laugh.

This game is just like Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green. You catch some pokemon and you buy the potions and then finally you get the chance to capture Mewtwo. I have never beaten one of these games, but I have beaten my big brother's when he was almost done and I touched his Game Boy when I was little and beat it for him.

GamePlay - It gets pretty repetitive with the fighting. You go through tall grass and you get into a fight you're not in the mood for, so you have to Run Away or fight so you can level up so you can be strong enough to fight the big Gym Master. Same old thing. Fight, fight, fight, win and catch all the Pokemons and store them in some computer bank. It does get exciting at times such as when you go to a cave or Team Rocket breaks in someplace or when you started the game, Pikachu doesn't want to stay in the ball. One thing I thought was good about this game is that I can see Pikachu's emotions and Pikachu can start to like or hate me, depending on my actions.

Graphics - The graphics are terrible, It's the GameBoy. What can you expect from the GameBoy? The characters and monsters look good, though.

Sound - I loved the sound in Pokemon games. I loved the sound in Pallet Town. The music in here is really smooth and soothing. They're relaxing. Anyone who turns down their Game Boy volume when playing disturbs me. Not really.

Overall - It's Pokemon. It's great at first, but it starts to get boring. May be addicting for some people, but not for me. I recommend it for die-hard Pokemon fans who for some reason haven't played this game. I won't expect you to enjoy it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/28/08

Game Release: Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (US, 10/19/99)

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