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Reviewed: 04/30/08

Very Fun

Pokemon... What a franchise... There are so many games that they are all hard to keep track of. But let's get down to the originals; Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

In this review, I will cover the main parts of the game-- Graphics, Audio, and Gameplay.

First comes:

Graphics: 7/10

For this game, I'm sorry to say, but the graphics just are not that great. Sure it IS an old game, but that should not be the reason that they are this mediocre. The character models are alright, but most trainers and people are just clones of one another, with some being called Junior Trainers, and some being called Youngsters. I will say, however, that the trainers and characters change quite a bit when you start a battle with them. They look very nice, almost as good as in the show.

As for the backgrounds, they are better than the people. I can tell what texture something is supposed to have, and where I am at (caves, buildings, grass).

Audio: 9/10

The Pokemon games' audio is simply amazing. The melodies that come from these games are perfect. They stay in your head, and even when you aren't playing the game, you can sometimes still find yourself humming the tunes, or simply listening to them in your mind when at school, work, or anywhere! I know I have! The ONLY reason that the audio got a nine instead of a ten is because the music can be repetitive if listened to for too long.

Gameplay: 10/10

This is where the game is perfect. The gameplay of these games is so perfect, mostly due to its simplicity. The major portion of the game is spent battling trainers and training Pokemon to take on the Elite Four, and hopefully win. The battles are very simple, usually quick, and add to the experience.

You use the directional pad to control your character, who is basically just Ash from the television series, with a few changes, and a name of your choice. You can pick up items and run into your rival along the way, and you can try to catch all 151 Pokemon, even the "elusive" Mew, that can easily be gotten with a simple glitch.

Overall, this game is very good. It is very much like Red and Blue, and that hurts it a little bit, but does nothing to take away from the quality of the game; there is a reason I gave it an eight out of ten, you know.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (US, 10/19/99)

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