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"Can you say best Game Boy game? Oh yes!"

There certanly isn't anything more popular than Pokemon these days. It was all started by a little game called Pokemon which introduced the method of RPGs where to get new members you have to catch 'em (thus explaining the Pokemon moto ''Gotta catch 'em all!) Anyway, the animated show stared a little Pokemon named Pikachu was Ash's (the main character) main Pokemon, and soon people were buying Pikachu anything. So naturally Nintendo would want to make a Pokemon game staring Pikachu. This is what they created. One downer is that it remains almost unchanged from the previous versions exept for being able to start out with Pikachu. But there are some changes. Team Rocket (Jesse, James, and Meowth anyway) finally have made it into the game, but unfortunitally, they are way too easy. One of the diffrences you should expect is that once again you can't catch all the Pokemon in just Yellow, you have to trade via the Link Cable with the Red or Blue versions, which I have to admit is getting really stale now. Read on to learn everything about this game.

Graphics 7/10
Basic. The world remains so unchanged from the previous versions. People look fair, but they need mouths and they look very basic. Pikachu did surprise me. He has finally gotten the detail he deserves. I thought only a Super NES could do that. The Pokemon have finally been replaced with much more detailed illustrations, which was a flaw with the previous versions. The backgrounds are the same old stuff, but it works. The graphics basically are unchanged from previous versions, which really may not be so bad.

Story 4/10
I just I am going to get hate mail for this, but I COULD HAVE THOUGHT OF A BETTER STORY THAN THIS! NINTENDO IS GOOD AT THIS STUFF!!!! Now that thats over with, allow me to explain the story. You want to be a Pokemon master, so you get Pikachu and you start off. Why would you do this? Why did he choose Pikachu? Why not Pidgey, Caterpie or Gyarados? You will never find out. Overall the story is dissapointing and this is a shame because Nintendo is good at this stuff.

Sound 8/10
Great for a Game Boy. The music is the same, which is more good than bad. I always liked the music in Pokemon games, because it is so darn catchy. The best music is definitally in Vermillion city and when you fight Gary. The Sound Effects are pretty average, most actions make some annoying ''Cleep!'' when you select them, and it can get annoying quickly. The best part of the Sound is that each Pokemon makes an individual ''voice' (diffrent than that in the TV show, which in my opinion is SO much than those stupid grunts in the TV show). Even better it doesn't sound ''crackely'' as its been called. But sadly this isn't true with Pikachu. Nintendo tried to include Pikachu's voice from the TV show, and the end result is a ''crackly''
voice which sounds like:
Sure it was nice they tried, but I am unable to see the point in including a poor voice in the game.

Gameplay 9.9/10
First you get the Pikachu, and you walk out and fight Pokemon. When you do battle, you have the option of using an attack (which you normally use), using an item (like a potion, stat increasers etc.), switching a Pokemon (if you watch the TV show you know what this is) or running away (In case you are fighting a hopeless battle). Your opponent is almost always a worthy challnge, and in this game being cocky is usually a lethal mistake. One thing that is unique about the battle system is that all attacks use Power Points, or PP. PP is the amount of times you can use an attack. Weak attacks like Tackle have high PP, and strong attacks like Blizzard have low PP. Some attacks can also put special effects on the victim, like poisen or paralize. To cure you need to have an Antidote, or you can't cure the Pokemon. These effects also go on outside of battle. Pokemon centers are in the game, which is basically a hospital for Pokemon. Strategy is also in the game. For example, Fire types really hurt Grass types, but water types can law the smackdown on fire Pokemon, but Grass Pokemon can beat the stuffing out of Water Pokemon. As for the things that have changed, Pikachu follows you around on screen just like in the TV show. You can check on Pikachu anytime to see how hes feeling. He might look mad if he is clost to being fainted, or he will look happy if you just won a battle. Overall much remains unchanged from the previous versions but that doesn't mean you shouldn't like it.

Challenge 8/10
Although a tad bit too short, this game will keep you going for about two weeks (and thats if you play it all day).

Replay Value 9/10
Oh yes! You can catch 'em all, train your Pokemon to level 100. You can also fight your friends in a Link Cable battle.

Buy or Rent?
BUY RIGHT NOW. It is so much fun, the thought of someone not playing this is sickening.

Overall 9.7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/00, Updated 11/16/00

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