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Reviewed: 08/31/01 | Updated: 07/15/03

All it is is the same pokemon game with very few new features

About a year after the excellent Pokemon Red/Blue games were created, we get nearly the same game with a few new features. You might thing its like the show, but I know most people don't like the Pokemon show. For die hard pokemon fans only! Its called the Special Pikachu Edition, and I'll explain later...

One of the very few features of this game was the graphics upgrade. All pokemon look like they did on the show or in other places besides your Gameboy. Pokemon like Pidgey and Rattata look so much better but others like Weedle or Blastoise really didn't need to be changed. It's still good at least. There's also a few spots of color in this game. Not a lot, but its still good. Excellent graphics for a not so excellent game.

The control is mostly menu driven, so its easy, but thats not the best thing. In the feild, theres a few problems. Pressing start and going through all those menus to do something simple like fishing is more like a chore. Another important thing is how slow your character moves. That's a bigger problem then most would expect becuase your character still moves slower than a pig. Walking through grass so slow will make so many pokemon attack you and annoy you. I bet you'll say to the game,''Leave me alone already!''. Battling is easy to figure out, though. Its all menu driven so all you need to do is sit back and chose your attack. Responsive controls.

The music is okay but never any good enough to have full blasting volume. There's a couple of tracks and you really wont get tired of hearing them. The sound part is different. Instead of pokemon saying there names, a sound comes out. Its dissappointing but Nintendo has seemed to get away with it becuase nobody cares. An 8 means the sound is pretty good.

Same story from last time, but this time you have pikachu following you around. Time for Nintendo to think of better ideas becuase I'm not impressed.

Like I said earlier, this is the same pokemon game with a few new features.
I'll name some:
-Pikachu follows you around and you can check his mood. He talks, too.
-All 3 starters can be obtained
-Better Graphics
-Surfing Pikachu game
-Jessie and James, from Team Rocket will stalk you.
-Pokemon in other locations

A few more things but reviews werent made to spoil.

The battle system is simple, choose an attack, it does damage depending on type and stats. Your opponent does the same. Very Simple! Theres more to it then that, though. There are 15 types, all(except Psychics sorta) have strenghts and weaknesses so no pokemon can take out every thing. Sometimes, 2 types are combined, like how Gyarados is a water/flying type. Some types have immunites. Then theres stats. Pokemon with high defense will be hard to defeat. Pokemon with high attack are very strong, etc.

Catching Pokemon is big in this game. 150 to be caught, but you can only have 6 pokemon travel with you at one time(everyone else is put in a PC). each Pokemon can only have 4 attacks at once, so its pretty limited. All pokemon can learn other moves.

You battle lots of trainers and 8 Gym Leaders, and Finally the Elite 4.

In this version, you start with pikachu, like in the show. Hes pretty powerful and a big help in the mid game. doing positive things with him makes him happy. That effort pays off, though becuase if your pikachu is happy enough, you can get some pokemon like bulbasaur. Making him faint makes him worse, though. PIkachu haters will hate this game!

A certain 2 Team Rocket members will stalk you, but they have weak pokemon anyway.

So whats so bad about the gameplay?
If this was actually a R/B game, there wouldn't be a problem. If it wasn't, they could of added a whole lot more features to make you satisfied. Also, you need freinds who have Red and Blue becuase 12 pokemon in this game are only in those versions, so that means trading time.

The good thing about Pokemon is that your never truly finished. Make the best team you can think of and level them up to the highest level! If your not finished with the game, there are 8 badges to collect, over 100 trainers, and the Elite 4 to beat Plus getting 150 pokemon.

Not too hard about battling, only catching all the pokemon. You need to trade so get a freind to catch them all! There was one difference from R/B, though. Tougher Gym leaders. The Gym leaders were higher in level and a lot more diverse to suprise you. I like the challenge in this game better than R/B.

This game would've been great if it had much more features, but nope! Dont get me wrong, I bought it and liked it. The challenge of this game was better than Red/Blue. IF this is your first pokemon game, go get it.

Rent Or Buy-Buy
Renting seems pointless, so buy this. For newbies of pokemon and die hard fans only! This is a good game, though...

A 7 on a scale of 1-10 means PRETTY GOOD

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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