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Review by The President

"I must play, my Yellow Master commands me."

The word Pokemon has almost become together with another word: videogames. I remember hearing about Pokemon long ago. I told my whole school about it, I knew about it 6 months before released, I was hooked. Then it just faded away. I began to hate it. Most people still do. I do not anymore, for I see what is: a very engrossing RPG. Very few series have sold more than these games; most of them coming from other Nintendo products. I would find it hard to believe the One of the Pokemons is not the best seller in the past 7 years. The first games were great, though since it took a long while for them to get to America, it seems that they were outdated, and the pokemon looked almost freakish. However, it was still madly popular, and since the TV show was becoming a hit in America, they released another Pokemon game, which followed some of the patterns of the TV show. Riding off this, yellow has become one of fastest selling games of all time, over one million in one week. You still take the role of Ash, our loveable Pokemon trainer, but this time around, you get no chance to pick a grass, fire, and water type Pokemon. You only get the Pokemon that starred in the TV show: an Electric type, Pikachu. Though most of the game was still the same, like the world map, many things were changed, mostly the Pokemon art. They look more like the TV show, and had for color. Though this is really the for Game Boy, it displayed Color differently than other GB games on the GBC mostly because it was made in 1998, which was the year the GBC was made. So, if you played on a GBC or now GBA, you would get more color on this game then you would playing Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

You are Ash, a young 10-year-old boy who is going to become a Pokemon trainer. Your Rival, Gary, is at Prof. Oak’s lab (he’s the big macho expert of Pokestuff) and you decide to leave your momma and get out in the world. Before you can, Prof Oak stops you. He tells you not to go out because wild Pokemon are there. All of a sudden, you get trapped in a Pokemon battle with a Pikachu. He captures it and takes out to his lab where you get a Pokemon, along with Gary. As soon as you go to get your Pokemon, Gary comes and takes it! That big Meanie! Before you can beat the life out of him and get it back, Oak tell you that you can have that Pikachu he caught. Your Pokemon adventure has begun! It only ends when you become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world.

Graphics: 8
The best stuff that could come out of a Game Boy. Everything is a step up from Red and Blue, with better art for the Pokemon. Everything on the Out-of-Fighting looks exactly the same, but it still looks decent. What I really hate is that when you are looking at them from your point of view, not fighting them, they look the same as a Red and Blue. And those look pretty ugly. Have you ever stared at a Squirtle for about 3 hours trying to level it up, and just see it’s blue, bulging head stick right at you? I bet you have, so you know it’s annoying. When you look at them from battling, they do look much better than Red/Blue. The Map is just no revamped itself I that is why I am giving this game an 8

Gameplay: 10
Pokemon, I’ll say it again, is just a very engrossing RPG. I have spent possibly one month my whole life playing this game (that means 24X30 is the number of hours I have played) and I still go and have myself to wanting to become to best Pokemon trainer in the world. If you do one thing wrong, like not getting a level up in the grassy area, it may be life or death for you. If you lose, you lose half your money, which can mean getting that rare Chansey, or not. And everyone wants a Chansey. Like most RPGS, you gain levels and new attacks. Unlike most RPGs, you do not have only 7 or even 10 people o work with. You have 150 characters to play as, 6 as one time. You could have almost endless combinations of Pokemon to use, each with there different types. If you want a team of all Water Types, you can do that, or a team filled with Bug-types, you can do whatever you want. Even though threw most of the game this is a VERY straight forward RPG, around by the end it still tells you were to go, but you do not need to listen. That is when you go and do whatever you want. If you want to get every single Pokemon in the Safari Zone, twice, sure, you can go that. The possibilities are almost endless for this game. Enormous replay value brings this game almost 300 hours of gameplay. However, this does bring some people to not like this game, but if you understand the system of playing, you will love it.

Sound: 7
The sound is not too good by standards, but it gets the job done. The tunes are quite memorable, and get stuck in your head, which could lead to you turning the volume up full blast or leaving the volume completely down. Me, I can’t stand the tunes anymore, so I have them turned down. Different tunes for each part of the game, but otherwise, the sound is pretty bland, and doesn’t get any better. If fact, it is exactly the same music from red and blue, nothing really to brag about. Game Boy was not known for it’s sound, and it shouldn’t be. Don’t you wish that you could have something better to listen to? I do. Some people do like I though. I do not. But I do not like the sound.

Fun Factor: 9
This game was fun enough for over 5 million people, who wouldn’t it be fun for you? (If you didn’t get it already, that is) Like really good games, you always come back to play it. Some play this game because they can’t put it down. Some call it “Poke-magnetism.” Those cute cuddly Pocket Monsters were a national phenomenon. I think is the electric power of Pikichu that gives it his own game. That is why he is so much stronger in Yellow than In Red or Blue…he is taking control, and the World cannot get enough of him. He is growing off his own game and making it more fun!

Buy Or Rent?
How could anyone not have this game! If you don’t go get it! You must make my yellow leader stronger…. All you need is 10 dollars American.

Graphics: 8
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 7
Fun Factor: 9

Reviewer’s Score: 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/02, Updated 06/28/02

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