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"Wait.....I thought this was suppose to be a new game!"

Pokemon Yellow is the third Pokemon game to be released. It is the same game as Pokemon Blue and Red with added features. It is a great RPG for GameBoy.

STORY: 7/10 The story is exactly like blue and red. You must go through towns collecting badges and making your Pokemon stronger. You collect new Pokemon and fight tough trainers. You go on an incredible journey through a world full of creatures called Pokemon. You meet friend as well as enemies. The story is great but don't expect anything new.

GRAPHICS: 10/10 The graphics have been upgraded. The pokemon look much better during battles. Pikachu follows you, and it looks great too. The graphics are the biggest change that Pokemon Yellow has since Red and Blue. The Pokemon look much better and the looks really improved.

MUSIC: 7/10 The music is good. The different battle tunes are interesting and the towns all have fair music. Yellow does not really have any music that is really great but none of them are bad.

SOUND: 8/10 The sound has Pikachu saying ''PIKA!'' along with mediocre music. The sound is alright and is better than most GameBoy games.

GAMEPLAY: 8/10 Pokemon Yellow is a fun game to play. You journey through towns catching up to 150 different Pokemon. You catch them, train them, and battle them. There are Pokemon gyms that you must beat to collect badges. The battle system is great because of the many moves you can learn, however you can only know 4 moves at a time. You can have up to 6 pokemon in your party. Their are many places you must go through to get farther in your journey. The gameplay is no different than that of Red and Blue except that you have Pikachu following you. Pokemon Yellow is not too hard to beat but takes many hours. You can lengthen the game by trying to catch all 150 Pokemon. It is a very fun and unique RPG.

REPLAY VALUE: 9/10 Yellow has a good replay value because once. You beat the game you can try to collect all the Pokemon. It is fun to play over again because each time you play you can catch and train different Pokemon. The replay value is very high.

BUY OR RENT: I would recommend that you buy if you have never played a Pokemon game before. However if you have play Pokemon Red or Blue you should probably rent. Yellow has hardly anything new, so it would be better to rent. If you have not played Pokemon you should certainly buy. It is a great game that is too long to rent.

OVERALL: 7/10 Pokemon Yellow is a fun game that you should try. It is improved over Red and Blue but not very much. It is a good game, but because of lack of improvment, it gets a 7.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/02/02, Updated 02/16/03

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