Review by Happybuddha311

"An under rated RPG"

Why does everyone hate pokemon games so much? Especially the first 3 they where all pretty good (I haven't played the last two yet). Everyone hates it because it's craptacular merchandise, but I bet you 8/10 RPG fans that pick up this game will play all the way through while having fun, the other two won't be able to forget the crappy TV show.

One of the great things about this game is that there is 150 different characters to choose from, however a few flaws but a hurt on this halfway decent feature. One of these flaws is that the pokemon only have the capacity to learn/remember 4 different moves, this was probably a feature to allow less confusion to the younger players. The other bad feature is that you can only carry 6 pokemon and the battle mode is one on one, other then that this game is pretty cool. My favorite feature of these games is the “Day Care Center” in which you drop off only one pokemon (that is the downside) with this guy and for every step you take your pokemon gets 1 Experience point, which adds up rather fast.

There are a few new things in this version that make it better then its counterparts. For starters you don't get the somewhat hard decision of picking your starting pokemon, you get it handed to you, and you get those 3 IMO best pokemon in the game from other trainers later. Another decent feature is that pikachu walks behind you so you can check on him, and from time to time he makes a silly face which, even as childish as it is, made me laugh every time. You also have to deal with those ''Official'' team rocket members Jesse and James these are added on battles in certain places and add somewhat of an extra challenge.

There is of course a few flaws in these games, like the battle system but none that are so huge they will turn you off of this game. One of the flaws is that there are these little machines called “HMs” what they do is teach a pokemon a move you can use outside of battle. The problem with these moves is that the pokemon can never forget for another move once they learn them, which means you only have 3 moves per pokemon. Now it wouldn’t be so bad if the HMs had powerful moves, but no they have some pretty weak moves.

So pick this game up, it may not be the most challenging RPG you have ever played but it will be one of the better ones, and if anybody makes fun of you for playing it bring a blunt heavy object onto their head.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/04/02, Updated 05/11/03

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