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"I don't want to catch 'em all again! ._."

Pokemon Yellow is an alternate form of Pokemon to the previously released (and hugely successful) Pokemon Red and Blue. This game follows much more closely to the actual Pokemon anime. Here, you get Pikachu as your first Pokemon, just like Ash in the show, and Pikachu doesn't like staying in the Pokeball, so he follows you around, just like in the show. Jesse, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket are also here, causing trouble for the main character at various points in the game, just like they do in every episode to Ash in the anime. Your rival, defaulted to the name of Gary, gets the Pokemon lamb Eevee as his starting Pokemon, just as he does in the show (or as is somewhat assumed, anyway).

If you don't know the storyline of Pokemon, here's the gist of it: You as the main character walk around collecting these Pokemon with aspirations of becoming the greatest Pokemon master ever. To do this, you have to prove yourself by beating eight Gym leaders in eight different cities. These Gym leaders are superior Pokemon trainers who are generally specialized to one specific element, and when you beat them they give you a badge which proves your strength. There are 150 Pokemon. Around 15 of them are still not available in this game. Instead of having to trade with just one other game pak to get all 150 Pokemon, as in the case with Pokemon Red and Blue, you must now trade with two game paks, both Pokemon Red and Blue, to obtain all 150 Pokemon in Pokemon Yellow. This makes for very frustrating times while you play the game. There's actually a special 151st Pokemon, Mew, which is only available through special Nintendo promotions or through a cheating device, i.e., Gameshark or Game Genie.

About the Pokemon... they each have their own personalities and characteristics. They each have at least one type and at most two types which dictate their characteristics, such as Water, Ice, Fire, Electric, Ground, etc. They generally resemble an animal/plant/mythical creature and have a name that resembles their type and/or animal. For example, Raichu is an Electric type mouse, and the name ''Raichu'' is Japanese for ''Thunder Rodent.'' You run around catching these creatures with Pokeballs after you weaken them enough to resist capture. They then become loyal to you and you can use them and their attacks to catch others so you can become the world's greatest Pokemon master. Some of them, after reaching a certain level, evolve into a larger and stronger Pokemon.

Graphically, this game has been enhanced for Game Boy Color, meaning that if you play it on the Game Boy Color it exhibits colors, but not perfect coloration. All of the 151 Pokemon have been re-drawn from their original Pokemon Red and Blue sprites, and almost all of them look better. Other than that, the graphics are standard for a Game Boy game, perhaps even slightly worse.

Control is simple enough. A chooses, B cancels, the directional pad moves, and the Start button pauses. Nothing to it.

The music in this game is decent at best. The only good music in the game is really the boss music; that is, the music that plays when you battle a Gym leader. For some strange reason, that never gets old for me. Other than that, music and sound effects are just decent at best.

Overall: 7/10
The gameplay of this game really boosts up the overall score of this game. If it were just based on graphics and sound, it would get quite a low score. However, no matter what anyone says, this game is fun and addictive. If you've never played Pokemon Red or Blue and you're wondering what the past craze was all about, pick this one up over the other two. If you already have Red and/or Blue, there's really no reason to get this one unless you are a true ''Pokemaniac.''

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/01/02, Updated 10/01/02

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