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Reviewed: 04/21/00 | Updated: 04/21/00

One of the most addictive games ever, just got a little bit better.--Hey that Rhymes!

Pokemania is sweeping the nation!! From Videogames to movies, cameras, tv shows, action fiqures, backpacks, school supplies, stationary and more... Whats next? Pokemon Toilet seat covers!!! But the game that started it all has a new version, and this one has a few noticible differences. Yhis Yellow version which stars pikachu follows the show a bit more in the fact that you have to start with pikachu. You also get the chance to collect Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle on your adventure. You also fight Jessie and James in the yellow version! Over all this game offers everything that the first two did plus a few little bonuses. even though the differences are small and far apart this version is still worth a buy. Concidering Pokemon os a gameboygame it diserves perfect scores!

GRAPHICS 8/10- Concidering it is the Gameboy, the graphics are superb and with the Gameboy COLOR you can have even more fun!!

CONTROL 10/10- The controls on any gameboy game are simplistic but taking this fact into concideration as well the controls are very well done. This little Puzzle/RPG is very cool.

SOUND 9/10- again, the gameboy only has so much power but the cheerful little melodies are mor than enough to get you humming along in no time. From the battle to dungeon music there is not a bad score in this game.

STORY 8/10- Pokemon is on ehell of an original story. The game flows along on this cute little story about 150+ pokemon that you can capture, collect, train and battle with! The whole game is probably the best gameboy game.

REPLAY 10/10- This game is the most addictive game I've played except for FFVII so you'll be playing it for hours.

OVERALL 10/10- The gameboy has a little masterpeice on its hands cramed with 150+ creatures to have fun with. So go but the game and see just how fun it could be!!!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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