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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Oh come on, they could have done a lot better!

A week before Pokemon: Yellow came out, I heard one of the salesmen at the game store mention to another customer that he didn't think there would be any spare copies to sell until the second shipment came in. Apparently the reserve list was as long as my arm. So, on a whim, I slapped down $10 and reserved a copy. The day it came in, they had a stack of about 30-40 yellow boxes, and saying that they still didn't have enough to cover everyone on the reserve list. Viva advertising. At least I got my copy.

Now I'm somewhat of a fan, I enjoyed the Red/Blue versions, and seen quite a bit of the cartoon. But, as far as melding the two together goes... I'm dissapointed. The game itself is hardly changed at all. Jesse/James are now included, and you do start with a Pikachu (Gary starts with an Evee), the pictures of the pokemon have been changed, but otherwise very little is different. You're still running around on an identical island, encountering the same trainers in the same locations, and finding pokemon in the same locations.

For a supposedly new version, there's a lot that hasn't changed one iota.

Graphics: 5

Other than a minimal graphics update during battles, nothing has changed. The world is still drawn in a single half-hearted pallette, which changes when you move from one area to the next, but you could do the same with the start-up codes GameBoy Color does for the origional Pokemon.

Sound: 5

Still pathetic, but that's mainly the GameBoy's fault. Don't expect to remember much.

Gameplay: 7

Is it me, or has this gotten much harder? Methinks one of the 'changes' included reducing xp won in battles. So, when I got to Misty, I was stuck with a 12th level team of pokemon facing her 21st level Starmie. Talk about a slaughter. Still, the battles are as addictive as ever. Oh, and if you're expecting a larger cast of pokemon, forget it. Same 151, minus MissingNo. (supposedly, haven't checked) As for restricted pokemon (those in one version and not in another), it seems to simply take a few from the same list Red and Blue used.

Overall, I'm dissapointed. For all the hype and advertising, this game doesn't deliver anywhere near the enjoyment I expected.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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