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"I can't put it down!"

Pokemon Trainers around the world, this is a must if you are hooked on Pokemon. Pokemon Yellow is out now and there are a few changes that make the game more interesting.

First off, the introduction has been updated. Pikachu comes running towards you and in between you see mini shows with Pikachu doing a flying kick, surfing and being listed up by Balloons. Then Pikachu does a Thundershock and then comes the title screen with Pikachu saying Pikachu and with Pika written above it's head.

Secondly, it supports the Game Boy Printer which is connected to the game boy with the Universal Link Cable.

At the start, when you go to leave Pallet Town, Prof. Oak comes up and he captures a Pikachu and asks you to come to his Lab. Your rival (Gary) is waiting there, but there is only one Pokeball on the desk. This contains Eevee which Prof. Oak invites you take but Gary snatches.

Pikachu follows you around and you can talk to him at any time as long as he's behind you.

11 Pokemon are missing and you can trade with Red and Blue versions, there is also a new game at the Cable Club it's called Coliseum 2 and is for Yellow to Yellow link up.

I works on Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color. I personally prefer Game Boy Color as the colors are amazing.

11/10 for Nintendo and Game Freak for making a great sequel to an already popular hit!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/23/99, Updated 11/23/99

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