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"Wow, not bad"

I am a Pokemon fan ok? I will tell you that. But I am reviewing this game for ALL players, even those who think Pokemon was the worst thing that ever came out on earth which I highly disagree on.

Story: 8/10
The same old, with a little spark of the present. This game is more based on the TV show of Pokemon. It is almost exactly like the other Pokemons, and will probably stay the same in the future otherwise it wouldn't be Pokemon. If you don't know it, well, here goes. You want to be a Pokemon Master and compete in the Pokemon league to get that title. But in order to get that, you must win again highly trained Pokemon trainers in gyms around the world and recieve their respected badge. Now what is this ''Pokemon''? Well, Pokemon are creatures whom trainers, (people who train Pokemon) train to do their everyday things or to fight. There are 150 Pokemon, each with their own attributes. They can evolve into stronger types too. These Pokemon are caught with Pokeballs and roam the world. In this version, your first Pokemon, a Pikachu, follows you around and you can talk and interact with it.

Graphics: 10/10
Unlike the other Pokemon games, this version can be used on the Game Boy Color. (Even though it doesn't say on the box.) Each Pokemon has a color and have different graphics than those on the Red and Blue Versions. They are beautiful and look quite good and better than those in Pokemon Red and Blue. The land is pretty detailed for the ordinary Game Boy too.

Music/Sound: 9/10
The music is pretty good, but it can get very repetitive after a while because they all seem to have the same beat. The sound is better though, which is what saved this rating from an 8. The fire, water, etc. etc. is nice and detailed. But at times they may seem choppy.

Gameplay: 10/10
What is there not to do in this game? There is so much to do! The gameplay is just EXCELLENT!! The battles can be easy but also fairly hard, just like other RPGs. The graphics make playing the game fun and the sound makes it mysterious. The extra Pikachu addition makes the game much more bright and colorful. You can talk to Pikachu, and depending on his level and your actions, he will say several things amd have cute pictures above his head. Pikachu also says ''PIKA!'' instead of the normal Pikachu cry in battle also. There is so much to do, you must catch all the Pokemon, beat the story line, find secrets, get the best Pokemon movesets, and much more!

Replay Value/Play time: 10/10
Did you not see what I typed under Gameplay??? That will last at least 100 hours, and depending how good you are it may take up to a year to complete all of the above IMO, and you can be improving your team all the time. Just like the other Pokemon classics.

Rent/Buy: Buy
Are you kidding me? Do you want my to type all of what's under Gameplay AND replay value? This will take a looooong time to beat and you definitely can't finish it in a rental time. You should definitely buy buy buy this game!! Well, unless you are an anti-Pokemon guy and is boycotting Pokemon or something.

Overall: OK...for the last time, look what I typed in Gameplay. This game will last for a long time if you never give up on it. Like the King of RPGs currently until the next version comes out. A good game lasts, and this one sure does.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/07/03, Updated 01/07/03

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