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"Red+Blue=Yellow! Well for Pokemon it is"


If you didn't already know Pokemon has been taking over the Game boy franchise with its addictive RPGs based on their hit T.V. show. yes there are many Pokemon games out there, but most likely you are considering Pokemon Yellow since you are reading this review right now. Now to the interesting stuff.

Game play:

This is what the game is about. I'm not lying, but this game is very addictive, even after you beat it, just for the simple fact that there are 152 Pokemon (or part members if you want to call it) to catch. The turn based battles are simple, and straight out fun. You assign 4 attacks to each Pokemon, so that adds to the strategy factor, since picking the wrong move to keep may screw you over in certain battles. You basically go around catching Pokemon, battling Pokemon, getting Gym Badges by defeating the Gym Leaders, and basically a never ending quest to be the best Pokemon trainer there is. There are very little side quests, but with all the Pokemon to catch and the Gym leaders to beat, you'll be too busy to notice. But the game play can get pretty repetitive at times since you will be going through a lot of battles. But other than that, the game is crazy fun.


Considering this is a Game Boy the graphics are really good. The anime characters are well drawn and interesting, and the in game graphics are good as Chrono Trigger. Although the colors aren't that ''colorful'', they aren't that bad compared to most other Game Boy games. Overall, the graphics are top notch, but hey, you'll be interested in the game so much you won't even notice the graphics much.


Heh, what can I say about the music, at first it may sound like generic Game Boy music, but soon you will get hooked. Your head will be filled with the battle theme song. Trust me, it happened to me. The tunes are catchy, but the sound effects are that great, but what did you expect, its Game Boy. And if you don't like the music, you could always turn your sound off and save your batteries!


Best they can be. How can I explain, A is to talk, B is to cancel, Start is to bring up your menu and that's about it. Although the control pad is a bit small, you'll work with it, its nothing mind stressing about it. If I had to rate the controls, I'd give it about a 10.

Replay Ability:

This game is all about its replay ability. You'll literally have hundreds of hours on your file. Beating the actual game will take you at least take you 50 - 60 hours to beat. Then you get to keep your file after you beat the game, and can actually do the things you didn't do before, or even some things unlocked by beating the game. You could even beat the last boss again if you wish. And let me warn you, getting all 151 Pokemon will take you at least 40 hours, then if you want, you could train all your Pokemon to level 100, which would take you hundreds of hours, maybe even a year. Just to make it quick, the replay ability is almost endless.

So should i buy it?

I say this is a must buy. Even if you have the other versions, even the updated versions, you'll still fall in love with this game. At its current cheap price, its a steal. BUY IT NOW!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/05/03, Updated 04/05/03

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