Review by Red Viper

Reviewed: 01/30/00 | Updated: 01/30/00

It's Red and Blue repackaged

Pokemon Yellow is essentially the smae game as the Red and Blue versions. Pikachu stars in this one, with the three original starters all available in the wild.

Gameplay has not changed from the original series, it's still the basic ''Walk around, fight trainers, find a city, repeat'' deal happening for a third time.

Just like Red and Blue, there are certain Pokemon you can't catch at all.

Team Rocket. especially Jessi and James, show up much more often in Yellow, but their Pokemon don't hold much of a threat, just like on the television show.

Pikachu learns new moves at different levels also. He follows you around when you walk, in a feature that's more aesthetic then functional. Being able to talk to him and see his mood is a different, interesting feature. There are also certain times when Pikachu must be both with you and happy to accomplish certains tasks in the game.

The trainers in the Pokemon League are much more challenging then those in the first two games. They have very high level Pokemon and will crush you if you don't prepare.

Overall, if you can't get more Pokemon, this game is a welcome addition. However, there is very little new in Yellow Edition. If you choose to buy it, do so with a knowledge of what you'll be getting.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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