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"Great Game, If you don't own red or blue"

I had managed to resist the pokemon invasion up until a few weeks back. I have read the comics (I am a manga fan and it is a fun comic), refuse to watch the anime until there is a subtitled version out there (probably around the same time hell freezes over). But I have only just started to enjoy the game, which is a shame.

First of just a little bit of history for you. Originally there was the Red/Blue version. This was followed by the anime & manga. Then came Yellow, followed by an enhanced version for the US market, the Special Pikachu Edition. Recently the Gold/Silver version was released in Japan.

Before I start the review itself, let me get this straight. Yellow is simply a reworked version of the Red/Blue. Some monsters that could be collected before are gone, others that couldn't be collected are in. Other than that, this is a third version of the same Pokemon game. As far as I understand Gold/Silver is the closest you will get to a true sequel.

The story follows the trials and tribulations of Ash as he attempts to become a pokemon master. Unlike the earlier Red/Blue version the story follows a little more closely to the anime series that is shown on TV. This means that some of the characters are in there from the anime. Team rockets loveable villains are in there. Also the gym leaders have been altered to follow there anime counterparts a bit more closely. Other than that you still face Gary in all the same places, you still fight the bug catchers, trainers and so on. The story follows the other two versions pretty much.

The biggest change comes in the graphics. When you first start up, the maps all look the same and the characters all seem the same, they will do nothing has changed here. But when you enter combat with another pokemon then you will see the difference. Each monster has now been redrawn. The graphics have been changed and they look a lot better now. There still isn't any animation involved in the characters (shaking side to side doesn't count) and the combat selection is still the same.

The only other cosmetic change comes in the form of pokedex entries. They have changed the descriptions in the game.

The combat hasn't changed at all. You still face an RPG turn based combat system where you select the command and the pokemon goes of and performs that attack. A minor gripe I have is that when you use an item, the pokemon doesn't do anything that turn. This was only a minor gripe until I played Dragon Warrior Monsters, where when you use an item the monster carry on fighting, you just don't control what they do.

Another change becomes apparent after a while. When you level up the pokemon they learn the different skills at different levels. This will throw all the pokemasters out there off a little.

The only other change is the layout of the pokemon. Anyone who has played the original is probably use to locating the rare pokemon. Well that has all changed. You can still find the usual common pokemon in their usual place but all the rare pokemon have changed.

But the question is, do all these changes make it worth buying. The answer is yes … no … maybe … It all depends.

Do you own the original Red/Blue version and are quite happy that you have completed it, then the answer is probably not. The changes do not warrant buying this game.

If you have never played a Pokemon game in your life then it is well worth buying this game. You won't find a better or more fun game in a long time (and I am including Final Fantasy VIII in this as well). It is worth going out and buying a GBC for this game alone.

If you are a fanatic, you are probably wondering why you have just wasted your time reading a review for a game that you have bought in both Japanese and English, all three versions and are currently playing through the Gold/Silver versions.


If you own Red/Blue then it gets 6/10. You may want to have a look but there is nothing in there for you. In fact you should get Dragon Warrior Monsters instead and wait for gold/silver to be released.

You don't own a pokemon game then it gets 10/10. You should try and get this game immedietly, go on get it, get it, get it now. (This is where I fall)

If you are a fantic then it gets 1,000,000/10. Pokemon is god and should be worshipped by everyone, and no I don't think you need to see a shrink! Honest!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/16/00, Updated 02/16/00

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