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"Its fun but can get on your last nerve..."

This is so much cooler than the blue and red games. Actually not much. There are a few minor improvements and setbacks but nothing big.

In the wild adventure Ash (you) runs around catching Pokemon. Sounds exciting eh? Actually it is. Its a lot more exciting than you would think. I'm not the biggest Pokemon fan but I enjoyed it.

The best parts in the game are definitly fighting Gary and the rare Pokemon. Mew, Mewtwo, all of those guys are so cool to battle, especially if you have a ditto.

Its fun but can boring if your training in the fields for too long. I liked it when i got to battle pokemon i didn't already had but against those level two pidgeys, i got so annoyed. Oh well. I beat this game several times so its definitly replayable and its quite fun.

Gameplay 7/10
Its fun to play but can get very annoying. I hate going through forests and stuff like that. If you catch certain pokemon you can learn to avoid that though. The atmosphere makes this game so enjoyable. Trainers with attitude, level 2 pokemon challenging charizards. Its funny sometimes. Its pretty fun though. You can definitly play it more than once and its quite easy to get adicted to. Great for long car rides. So if your looking for a game that your gonna play, this is one of them.

Graphics N/A but if I had to 3/10
Not much to say about the graphics, i mean its gameboy. I wish they could make a 3D gameboy. It'd be a lot better. There is quite a bit of detail for gameboy in this game though. Like rocks. And even the sea. Its hard to mark this but if i had to it would be a 3 or something.

Controls 9/10
Simple. They are really easy. Easy to remember, easy to use. Its perfect for this game. A lot better than pokemon snap. I liked the controls mostly cause they weren't hard to remember. I hate looking back in the instruction manual to remember what to do.

Story 7/10
Its pretty good i guess. It really helps lead up to the battle against gary. If there wasn't a story it'd be quite boring. It helps you understand everything. Of course watching the show helps a bit too. I never had watched the show before i got it and i was a bit mixed up against team rocket. I think Ash should have a 'secret admirer' though. It would make it a bit better.

Fun Factor 8/10
Its definitly addictive. Its very fun. A lot of battles with your favorite characters from the show. Its a lot of fun. I like playing this game during long car rides. Its very replayable and fun to play. If your into Pokemon this is the game for you!

Difficulty 7/10
Not the hardest game I've ever played but it takes quite a while. Mostly cause of training but its not that hard. Gary sucks and so do most 'casual' pokemon. They are in the fields you mostly pass by and just get annoying. There are a few things you need to know what to do in though. So its not that hard but it takes quite a bit of time.

Overall 7/10
Its a very fun game but can get on your last nerve sometimes.

Definitly buy this game. You'd be wasting money renting it every other week.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/28/00, Updated 03/28/00

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