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"Get this game only if you don't have Red or Blue or you think pikachu is your best friend."

I have something to confess first before I write my review on the game. This was the first Pokemon game I owned, I didn't owned Red/Blue when they came out so that's why Pokemon Yellow has a place in my heart. now onto the introduction of my review. in 1998, Nintendo released two Pokemon games for the Game Boy, they were Pokemon Red and Blue. Since Nintendo saw how much those game sold, they decided to make a new one with stuff from the tv show. Many people thought Pokemon Yellow was going to be a true sequel to Pokemon Red and Blue but it didn't turn out that way. Pokemon Yellow was just a better version of Red and Blue with some changes made. Want to know if you should onw Pokemon Yellow?, then read the review.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics in Pokemon Yellow are very good since they are on the Game Boy. The houses and building look really good and the environment are really cool looking. The first change in the graphics was in the color palette. In Pokemon Red and Blue everything was Red or Blue depending on the version you got. In Pokemon Yellow, more colors were added to the game. You'll notice those color changes in cities like Saffron. Another cool change were the Pokemon sprites in battles or in the Pokedex, the pokemon looked a lot more like they should and not like some freakish monster. In the end it was the same graphical style as Red and Blue but the new Pokemon sprites were really cool.

Sound 7/10

Like any other Pokemon game, the sound is always difficult to judge. in one hand the music is really cool and really fits the game. You could be humming it without even knowing. On the other hand the sound is not that impressive. One bad thing about the sound is that almost every attack sound the same. Another issue is that the Pokemon don't talk(unless is the pikachu Prof. Oak gave you) and instead they have an annoying cry that can get in your nerves pretty fast. really good music thought.

Gameplay 9/10

This is where the game really shines but the bad thing is that is just Red and Bue all over again with some small changes so don't be expecting something new. Pokemon is a turn based RPG for those that don't know, so don't be expecting that you'll be able to use the pokemon on your own, instead you have to choose an attack from the menu and try to defeat your opponent. This game is all about catching some creatures name pokemon that you'll be using for battle and other important stuff. To catch a pokemon, you'll need a pokeball, and special item that traps the monster inside letting you capture it. The thing is that you are only to catch wild Pokemon so don't try to get another's trainer pokemon. The main objective in this game is to get all the 8 badges found in Gyms all around the land, is a cool task and you'll need the badges later in the game. Another reason to play this game is to catch all the 151 pokemon found all around the land which will be saved on a machine called the pokedex. The battling in this game is all about strategy. If you don't have strategies with your Pokemon, you won't do that good in the game. Now onto the changes made form Red and Blue. In Pokemon Yellow you'll start with pikachu instead of the standard starting Pokemon. Another cool thing is that Pikachu follows you since he doesn't like his pokeball. The cool thing about that is that you are able to see pikachu feelings. another thing is that you are able to get the starting Pokemon by doing stuff which is cool. Some Gym Leaders have also different Pokemon from Red and Blue like LT. Surge. The controls are also really simple which is a good thing for a game like this. This are not all the changes but as you can see, not much was change but stills good since Red and Blue were good anyways.

Replay 10/10

The replay value in this game in really good since you have to complete the Pokedex. Another thing that this game supports is the link cable so you can trade or battle your friend's pokemon. You need to trade pokemon from Red and Blue if you want to complete your dex since some monsters are not found in this version.

Overall Score 8/10

This game may be the same as Red and Blue but still with all the changes made is a really good game. Get it now!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/22/04

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