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"It was the First Pokemon Game I Played..... and it Left a Good Impression"

This was a game that definitely started out well. It had many options, a great, long lasting game play, and it even had multiplayer. For a game that may only have changed a little from Red + Blue, it just looked better. It came out during the already hot craze of Pokemon. This game was the newest addition to Red + Blue and it was selling good. When I was 7, this game came out and I wanted it so bad. So anyway, here is why the game is just plain good.

The idea was okay, you are a young trainer that wants to become the master trainer of the world. This was a good idea, but it had no details. You just battled your way to the very finish and nothing else came to add on to the plot. Even though this isn't a key factor in the game, Nintendo definitely could have improved this aspect.

Game Play:8.5/10
This was a game play entirely new to me and many other people. You had to battle many trainers, catch many pokemon, and collect everything you could. It was very intense and this game could take awhile to play. Like I said about the plot, the game play could have been juiced up a little from the Red + Blue versions. A few noticeable differences from the Red + Blue are that poeple's pokemon have changed and PIKACHU IS YOUR STARTNG POKEMON! We all know that just by thinking of the color (yellow anyone?). Because Pikachu starts out with you, a few things become different and harder. One is that Pikachu follows you around, and you can speak to him. A really annoying part about starting with Pikachu is the first gym leader. He is a rock trainer, and electric attacks can't hurt rock pokemon. I almost put the game down here, but eventually I caught some pokemon and just barely won.

The first part to the game play is walking. Just plain and simple walking (or biking eventually) is how you get to almost anywhere. You walk to find grass to catch pokemon. You walk to get in front of trainers. You walk to get to everywhere. It can get really annoying not having s speedy mode of transportation through all the caves and such, but I guess the game wouldn't quite be the same.

The second part of game play is battling. This is supposed to be the main thing from the plot and takes up probably 4/6 of your time. The concept is very basic. You either are surprised by a wild pokemon, get challenged by a trainer, or challenge a gym leader. Each is a little different but in skeleton, the same. To fight you bring out your starting pokemon and use your four moves to try and kill (faint) the other pokemon. Trainers usually have multiple pokemon and the whole challenge is just trying to add levels to your pokemon.

Part three of game play is catching em all, or catching all the pokemon in the game. There are 150 (some bonus) pokemon that you have to find. There are many ways to accomplish this task but it is very hard. To find pokemon you go into tall grass or caves and the pokemon randomly appear. Sometimes you can receive a pokemon from another trainer, or the only way to catch em all, trading. Yu can get most over your 150 by just looking very hard, or having extreme patience, but some pokemon you just can't get. One example is that in a cave you have a choice between two fossils. You pick one and the other disappears. Later the fossils turns into a pokemon, but without trading, the other will never be gotten.

Sound: 6/10
For what it is the sound is mediocre. When you enter a cave the music gets gloomier, when you are in the final place, the music is very fast and loud. What i'm trying to say is that the sound fits the setting. The sound may not actually sound that great but it fits your setting. The only bad part is some of the freakishly annoying songs. They get stuck in your head and you just want to finish right away. Overall though, the sound is okay.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics really just aren't a big factor. Everything is 2D, but the game is on a Gameboy. You just can't ask too much from the graphics. Even though the game would be messing with the capabilities of the system, the graphics could e way better. Some of the pokemon just look like pixels when you are battling with them. Hey, I'm grumbling about something that doesn't matter so I'll move on.

This function is actually pretty enjoyable at first, but it starts to suck later. You can battle a friend with this option. It is fun at first, seeing if your stratagy in the game worked better than your friends. It will also push you to get stronger pokemon so you can be the best. Then once you can do nothing more, battling you friend gets boring. The second option of multiplayer is the all-powerful trading. As I said the only way to get all 150 is to trade. But then again to get em all, you have to have a friend with Red or Blue. So multi[layer is just mediocre.

I would recommend this game as a must buy for anyone wanting to try a pokemon game. For the cheap price it's at now, all you need is a gameboy and you may spend a good month on a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/23/05

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