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"Little bit more features than Red and Blue versions but 'evolved' graphics make it little bit terrifying!"

It’s another Pokémon game running up from the line, after the first two successful Pokémon Blue and Red (well, three if including the Japanese version, Green). This brand new game, Pokémon Yellow will bring you to these creatures’ world and have lots of things totally different compared to the Blue and Red version.

Graphics – 8
You can’t expect much or the real and totally awesome graphics since this, I repeat, is only a Gameboy game. If you only have a Gameboy, then the black and white graphics are not really cool to look at while if you do have a Gameboy Color, the dots will be coloured but not in a amazing manner. The character’s picture will look different as if more mature than before while the Pokémon’s picture will be different and look more terrifying and larger than life. And I don’t really like the change of the graphics idea which change the ‘just for kids’ concept considerably.

Music – 8
Well, the music is still the same as it’s directly from Pokémon Red and Blue. The same, cool attacking sound effects and quite a number of background music to hear are just all right. If they could add more background music to it, this game will be the best Pokémon series ever!

Gameplay – 9
Right, there are few things that you want to know. The only considerably change is that you will start with one Pokémon only, Pikachu (it’s almost based on the television series) and the two ‘famous’ Team Rocket members will be chasing and fighting you sometimes, Jesse and James. Pikachu will also follow you throughout the game and its mood will change (just talk to him to know) based on how you ‘take care’ of it.

What I mean by ‘take care’ is that you must make sure it never lose on a battle, always put him in the front line and hundreds more things to do in order to please this guy. You can also get or rather, fill up your usual automatic Pokémon encyclopedia, PokéDex with the same hundreds of Pokémon scattered throughout the game.

Regarding the story-line, it will be a bit different compared to Red and Blue versions because of the appearance of Jesse and James and Pikachu. More over, certain Pokémon can’t be caught at all like Meowth (you might want to know why, it sort of ‘belongs’ to Jesse and James). If you want to compare with other digital pets like Tamagotchi and Digimon, this game will make a better choice because it offers more choices and features to do.

Replay Value – 8
This game is like never ending because once you complete the game, you still can actually raise your Pokémon forever until everyone of them is up to their maximum level! Battle with your friends will gain you imaginary ‘Pokémon Master’ fame and make your well-known. Just make sure you don’t fight with your friend over Pokémon matter.

Overall – 9
Pokémon Yellow may be another game for you but it’s still nice, sweet and cool (except for the terrifyingly ‘evolved’ graphics). If you have money in your wallet, grab this game and make it an addition for your Gameboy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/25/00, Updated 06/25/00

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