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    Hello and welcome to my Worms (GB) FAQ/Strategy Guide for the Game Boy Completion Project. The authors writing for the GB Completion Project hope to one day have a complete FAQ for every Game Boy game listed in the GameFAQs database. If you want more information, check out the stickied Game Boy Completion Project topic on the FAQ Contributors Board.

    Worms is all about commanding your little worms to run around a map using weapons like Bazookas and Dynamite to blow the absolute s*** out of other worms. Sounds quirky? It is! You can move across and jump over terrain and falling in water at any point will result in the worms death. Gameplay is turn-based. The first worm of the first team has a certain amount of time to move whilst all other worms are still. It can use a single weapon once (with some very minor exceptions) to kill enemies before its turn ends. If it takes damage, dies or the time runs out, its turn ends and the first worm of the second team is now the only one moving. It cycles through the first worms in the other teams (if there are any) before moving onto the second worm in the first team. The cycle then repeats. Using weapons can not only hurt enemies, but your allies too, so you need to be careful how you use them (that's all part of the strategy). All terrain can actually be blown up by weapons in this game, which can be taken advantage of in very cunning ways. Knowing when and how to use a weapon is the path to victory. When all enemies are defeated, the player wins! If the player loses all of their worms, they lose!

    Because of the nature of this game, it's impossible to write a definitive walkthrough for it. Instead, the basics will be explained and then how each weapon works will be listed. Information on what situations to use it in and tips for using it will also be listed. Beyond that, the rules for each game mode will be explained. Little else needs to be covered besides those things. So onwards!

    - RedIsPoetic


    Below is a list of controls. The function of each control for each section is listed to the right of it.


    ASelects highlighted option
    BNo Use
    Up/DownMoves up and down through options.
    Left/RightMoves left and right through options (where applicable), Moves team selection table left and right
    StartExits back to previous screen (Team Entry screen only), Continues to game (Team Selection screen only, at least two teams selected)
    SelectExits back to previous screen (Team Selection screen only), Selects next team (Team Entry screen only)

    In-Game: Control Worm Mode

    AUse weapon (Hold in and release to increase power, if applicable)
    Up/DownAim Weapon Up/Down (Where applicable)
    Left/RightMove left/Right
    StartPauses/Unpauses game
    SelectSwitches to Free Roam mode

    In-Game: Free Roam Mode

    AUse weapon (Hold in and release to increase power, if applicable)
    BNo Use
    Up/DownMove cursor and map up/down
    Left/RightMove cursor and map left/right
    StartPauses/Unpauses game
    SelectSwitches to Weapon Selection mode

    In-Game: Weapon Selection Mode

    ANo Use
    BNo Use
    Up/DownMove up/down through options
    Left/RightNo Use
    StartPauses/Unpauses game
    SelectSwitches to Control Worm mode, switches current weapon to highlighted one when switching between modes


    Below, each menu type is listed, with information on how each one works and what their purpose is.

    Game Start Menu

    After choosing the Game Start option on the main menu, you're given a number of choices as to which type of game you wish to play. Each one is explained below.


    In a League game, between two and four teams are selected. These teams then play a round against each other until worms from only one team are left. These are the winners of that round. If the number of rounds to win were set to two in the options menu, rounds then continue until one team has won two. If the number is set to one, whoever wins the intial round is the overall winner.

    Stats are displayed upon completion. Stats from each League game go towards those shown on the Team Selection screen.


    Friendly matches work in the exact same way as League matches, except that the stats from each Friendly don't affect those displayed on the Team Selection screen.


    In Tournament mode, teams verse each other in a knock-style tournament. If a team loses a single round, it's out for good. Between 3 and 8 teams can be chosen for this mode. Rounds continue until only one team is left. This team is the winner.


    After choosing the type of game that you wish to play, you need to choose which teams will take part. A number of statistics are displayed on the following screen which you can look at and analyse. Select between two and four teams (they're selected when they have a star next to them) and press Start when you wish to proceed to the first game.

    Whether the teams taking part will be controlled by the player or by the CPU is dependent on whether the teams have been selected as being Player-controlled or CPU-controlled in the Team Entry Menu. It is generally better to look through both the Team Entry Menu and Options! Menu before beginning a game, to make sure that all of the settings are satisfactory. After selecting teams, the game begins.

    Team Entry Menu

    In this menu, the teams can be edited. Team names and worm names can be edited, as well as whether a team is controlled by a Human or CPU. If the team is controlled by a CPU, it's difficulty level can also be selected. Selecting 'Clear Team' will remove all names, will set to the control to Human and set the difficulty to Normal, allowing you to enter in your own names and other settings. Press 'Select' to scroll through teams and 'Start' to exit back to the main menu when you're done.

    Options! Menu

    Within the Options! Menu, a wide range of game settings can be selected. They will be explained below.


    • There are two options to initial worm placement, Random and Team placement. If random placing is selected, the worms are placed at random by the game at the beginning of the battle. If Team placement has been selected, teams take turns placing a single worm wherever they wish to. Strategies on worm placement will be given in the Gameplay Basics section.

    Move Time

    • This is the length of time given to a worm to move and fire its weapon per turn. If the time runs out, the worm immediately stops moving and its turn ends. The four options for Move Time are: 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds and infinite. The default setting is 30 seconds.

    Round Time

    • This is the amount of time allowed to complete the round. If the time runs out before their is a winner, the round is a Draw and no one receives points. The four options for Round Time are: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and infinite. The default setting is 15 minutes.

    Rounds To Win

    • Rounds To Win displays the number of rounds a team must win before it has won the entire game. Rounds continue until one team reaches this number. The two options for Rounds To Win are: 1 and 2.

    Over the second and third screens, the weapon options are found. Here you can change the options for each weapon around to one of the other available ones. Below is a table, listing all of the options for each weapon, as well as what the default setting is. Feel free to change these as you feel fit.

    Homing MissileOff, X1, X2, X3, InfiniteX2
    Cluster BombOff, X1, X3, X5, InfiniteX5
    ShotgunOff, OnOn
    UziOff, OnOn
    Fire PunchOff, OnOn
    Dragon BallOff, OnOn
    DynamiteOff, X1, X2, X3X1
    Air StrikeOff, X1, X2, X3, InfiniteX1
    TeleportOff, X1, X2, X3, InfiniteX2
    KamikazeOff, OnOn

    Records! Menu

    There are two options within the Records! Menu. Wormlist can be selected to view the ranks of all worms, or the records can be cleared by selecting 'Clear List'.


    In this section, the stats for each worm is displayed. Their ranking, name, the amount of games played and the amount of rounds that they've survived are displayed. Any worm that hasn't yet played a game, has a ranking of '--'. Worms are ranked by their FOR to PLD ratio. The higher their FOR rating compared to the PLD rating, the higher they'll be ranked.

    Clear List

    Selecting this option will immediately clear the Wormlist, setting everyone back to PLD 0, FOR 0 and a rank of --. This doesn't affect the Team Selection screen stats however.

    Gameplay Basics

    Below is an explanation of a number of basic gameplay elements found in Worms. The primary objective is to kill enemy worms more efficiently by using weapons more intelligently and in more creative ways that your opponents.


    Moving too deep into water results in instant death of the worm. For this reason, a highly efficient way to kill off an enemy team is to knock their worms into water.

    Moving Off-Screen

    Moving too far off the left or right sides of the screen results in instant death, much like falling into water. Not unlike water, this can also be exploited to defeat enemies. Terrain in some rounds extends out to the edges of the screen, with worms very close to the edge, just asking to be hit off-screen. This is a perfect opportunity.


    Worms can jump in this game. Jumping can be extremely difficult to control however, as it's at a set height and distance as well as having a very awkward arc. For this reason, players need to have a good understanding of how jumping works and needs to have excellent judgement. Countless times I have over-jumped into water or off-screen. Getting over some obstacles (I'm looking at you cacti) can also be hard. It all comes down to practise though, and jumping certainly has its uses.

    Weapon Drops

    Picking these up gives you weapons, most of which are exclusive to Weapon Drops. Collecting these can easily give a team a nice advantage, but can also sometimes put worms in vulnerable places. In general, it's best to be the worm to get this though.

    In-Game Modes

    These modes are the three primary in-game modes found when playing Worms. An explanation of how each works, along with their uses, is given.

    Control Worm Mode

    In this mode, the player is able to move the worm around, make it jump and fire most weapons. It's the primary mode within a battle and by far the most important. The screen centres around the current worm and can't be moved.

    Free Roam Mode

    Within this mode, the cursor can be moved around by using the D-Pad. Once it hits the edge of the screen, if press in a direction that leads off-screen, the screen itself moves instead. In this screen, the Teleport and Air Strike weapons are fired. The Homing Missile's target is also selected on this screen, but needs to be fired in the Control Worm Mode. The moving screen can also be used to explore the map and help you decide what you wish to do next.

    Weapon Selection Mode

    In this mode, you simply scroll through the weapons you currently have access to. When you find the one that you want to use, simply have it highlighted and move back into Control Worm Mode. You can then use it. A weapon with a number in brackets after its name denotes the amount of times it can be used before it runs out. If it has a zero after it, it can no longer be used. If a weapon doesn't have a number after it, it can be used an infinite number of times.

    Possible Starting Weapons

    These are the weapons that a team can begin with, without having to collect Weapon Drops. These form the majority of the weapons found in the game. Information on the damage and area of effect of the weapon, as well as an explanation on how each one works and some tips are included with each entry.

    Damage: Low - Medium

    Area of Effect: Medium

    How It Works: The shot is powered up then fired. It arcs and explodes upon impact of anything. More power and a more horizontal will lessen the arc.


    • This can be used to great effect, if you just know how. It's all about picking a target then getting the elevation and power right. It's all about practise.

    Damage: Low - Medium

    Area of Effect: Medium

    How It Works: Bring up the free roam screen. Move the cursor around the map and press 'A' so select a location. Go back into control worm mode, select elevation and power and fire. After a short pause this will begin to home in on the place selected. Pathfinding is extremely limited. The impact works exactly the same as the Bazooka.


    • To use this to its greatest extent, it's best to pick a target location somewhere on the top of the battlefield away from other terrain. Fire your missile full power into the air so that it's above the target when the homing mechanism kicks in, then just let it do its thing.

    Damage: Medium

    Area of Effect: Small

    How It Works: THe grenade's lobbed into the air. After an amount of time, it will explode. It doesn't explode on impact, only after the time is up. It has only


    • Because the Grenade doesn't explode on impact, it can be manipulated so that it rolls down slopes into enemies for an almost sure hit.
    • Aquaint yourself with the time the grenade takes before exploding and learn to manipulate that to its fullest. There's nothing worse than having a grenade land, roll away from its target then explode, hurting your ally. Give it more hang time to stop this kind of thing.
    • This is the marksmen's second weapon, along with the Bazooka. Used properly, this can hit almost any worm on the map. It's all about practise.

    Damage: Medium/High

    Area of Effect: Large

    How It Works: Works just like a Grenade. The initial explosion is about the same size and power as the one too. After the initial explosion however, the


    • The cluster bomb's very unpredictable and I personally haven't ever really found it that useful. It should be thrown well away from allies and works best in confined spaces where the clusters are all forced to explode in one focused place.

    Damage: Low

    Area of Effect: Small

    How It Works: One shotgun shell is fired in the direction that the worm is aiming in. Once it hits either terrain or a worm, it explodes, damaging any worms nearby. Once the first shot is fired, the worm can move around and fire one more shot.


    • Being able to fire a shot, move around and fire another one before your turn ends makes this weapon very versatile.
    • This weapon doesn't really have a huge number of advantages, with its primary use being long distance and quite accurate sniping. It's best use is to hit worms on mounds of terrain from afar where it would be difficult to hit them with a Bazooka or Grenade and if other, better weapons have run out of uses. It's primary use is to knock worms into water.

    Damage: Low

    Area of Effect: Very Small

    How It Works: A worm fires bullets repeatedly in the direction that it's aiming. Any worms that are hit by the bullets will take damage. They also get blown back out of way of the bullets. This doesn't damage terrain or cause any area of effect damage by hitting terrain.


    • It's hard to find a situation where the Uzi is the best available weapon to use. As the worms quickly get hit out of the way of the bullets, they take little damage. For this reason, the best time to use this is when you don't have any way to easily get to an enemy, but it's sitting right on the edge of terrain and only need a small nudge to be knocked into water. It's fairly accurate, so just aim your shot and knock them in. Otherwise, it's best to steer clear of this weapon.

    Damage: Medium/Low

    Area of Effect: Very Small

    How It Works: If used when a worm is next to it, the worm being controlled will perform a jumping uppercut that sends the worm flying up into the air away from the player. Has a fixed amount of damage, assuming that lack of terrain above the player allows it to perform the full jump. Fall damage can add more to the total damage though.


    • This is the perfect weapon to use when a worm is near water and can be hit into it. Hitting worms into water = instant kill, so it's well worth it, even if it's not spectacular.
    • This can be used to hit more than one worm, assuming they're all standing together. Use this to punch multiple worms into water at a time.
    • Fire Punch sends enemies flying further than Dragon Ball, so is the better of the two for most situations.

    Damage: Medium/Low

    Area of Effect: Very Small

    How It Works: If used when a worm is next to it, the worm being controlled will push the other worm horizontally away. Has a fixed amount of damage, although fall damage can contribute more.


    • This should only be used instead of Fire Punch when there is terrain above you in the direction that you're sending the enemy worm that would hinder the worm flying into water if Fire Punch was used. You can instead send them horizontally into water.

    Damage: High

    Area of Effect: Large

    How It Works: A lit stick of dynamite is placed down by the worm at its feet. The worm's then given a few seconds to move away from the dynamite before it explodes.


    • Using Dynamite effectively requires you to understand its range. Knowing its range, it can be placed to hit as many enemies as possible and as few allies as possible.
    • The most ideal place to set Dynamite is within a large group of enemies bunched close together with no allies nearby. If this is near water, all the better. This can deal a lot of damage and knockback so can wreak havoc on a large portion of enemies. If one or even two allies are mixed in with a group of enemies, it's still worth considering using it as the sacrifice is often worth the damage that you deal. Try and damage allies as little as possible however.
    • Make sure you plan your escape before placing the Dynamite. If you have the time, it's even better to physically practise it. If you don't plan it, it's easy to discover that you can't jump over an obstacle to escape, quickly freak out and take heaps of damage yourself. Plan!

    Damage: Medium/Low

    Area of Effect: Large

    How It Works: Bring up the free roam screen. Move the cursor around the map and press 'A' so select a location. The worm will automatically call an Air Strike on the selected location, with a number of missiles falling in a horizontal line to either side of the cursor.


    • This weapon's perfect for hitting large groups of targets that can't be attacked with Dynamite (or if you don't have any left). It's used in a similar way, but is more versatile, as you can be hidden away and use this. It's lower damage rating doesn't make it quite as effective though.
    • The perfect weapon for cowardly worms, the Air Strike can be called from a place that has no fear of being attacked.
    • This can be used to put a large number of worms in the water, either through knockback (less effective) or by destroying the terrain beneath their feet, leaving only water.

    Damage: N/A

    Area of Effect: N/A

    How It Works: Bring up the free roam screen. Move the cursor around the map and press 'A' so select a location. The worm will automatically teleport to the location then drop to the terrain below (or water, you mean sadist!). You can't select a location that's obstructed by terrain.


    • Teleport has a LOT of uses. It can be used to collect Weapon Drops, move into position for an attack later on, or move to a safer position. When collecting weapon drops and moving into an offensive position, it's best to place the worms in a spot that's not extremely vulnerable if possible. Placing a worm in a safe spot that can quickly move out and wreak havoc during their next turn is ideal.

    Note: Can also be found in Weapon Drops

    Damage: Medium/Low

    Area of Effect: Medium

    How It Works: The worm ties on a headband, then moves extremely quickly in the direction it's facing, through terrain and other worms, before exploding, damaging any worms nearby.


    • This weapon tends to not be worth it, as you lose a quarter of your entire team, but can be useful if a worm is very low on health.
    • Moving through worms before exploding causes a fair amount of damage too, so lining up a bunch of enemies and using it on all of them can actually make a fair difference.
    • Knowing how far away the worm will explode and using Kamikaze so that it explodes in the midst of a number of enemies is the way to go, but this comes with practise.
    • This can actually be used to create little shelters in terrain for other worms, at the expense of an ally of course.

    Weapon Drop Weapons

    These weapons can only be found by collecting Weapon Drops. Because these are exclusive, they tend to be much more powerful than regular weapons and are quite often highly valued.

    Damage: Massive

    Area of Effect: Massive

    How It Works: Acts like a grenade. It's lobbed. After a small amount of time, it will explode, causing massive damage. A number of smaller 'bananas' will fly out from where the first one blew and cause yet more highly damaging explosions.


    • Hurl this into an area where none or only very few allies are. This basically destroys half of the map, so make sure you have at least one or two worms that are well away.
    • Don't think for a second that you can tame this weapon. It's too unpredictable. All you can do is limit the damage.

    Damage: Medium

    Area of Effect: Small

    How It Works: Works very similarly to the uzi, but has a bigger area of effect and seems to be able to fire through small amounts of terrain.


    • Like the Uzi, this isn't very effective, but is more accurate so its only real use is for sharpshooting worms into nearby water.

    Note: Unlike other Weapon Drop items, once obtained, this weapon can be used infinite times during the round.

    Damage: High

    Area of Effect: Large

    How It Works: Once placed, the sheep hops forward until it hits an obstacle, at which point it turns around and hops in the opposite direction. When the player presses 'A' or after an extended amount of time, the sheep explodes.


    • There are a couple of situations where this item works perfectly: when the player is in a high place that the sheep won't be able to move back to. If thrown into a valley full of enemies and exploded right in amongst them, this can cause huge damage; if the area that the sheep's thrown into is flat and obstacle-less, it can move toward enemies unhindered and once amongst them can be exploded. Smart use of this weapon can have awesome results.

    Version History

    Version 1.00

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    Change Log:

    • FAQ done!


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    Final Word

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