How do I get back to Viridian City from Cerulean City?

  1. I'm not a very good pokemon gamer and I've been having some issues. I'm completely stuck. I can't get past Vermilion City. There's a snorlax in the way. I also can't go in the Safari Zone. I returned to Cerulean City in hopes of going around the Snorlax, but I need to go through the Rock Tunnel. To do so I need Flash, which I forgot to pick up at Route 2. So the question do I get back to Route 2? I can't go the way I came because there are ledges that cannot be passed. I do not have fly or surf, but I do have dig but it seems it's never really a

    User Info: PokeNoobie

    PokeNoobie - 7 years ago

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  1. To get back to Pallet, Viridian, Pewter, from Vermilion, you need HM01 (Cut) which you get from the Captain of the SS ANNE. Once you have Cut and have taught a pokemon that move, go through Diglett Cave, there you can get both back to Viridian and HM05 Flash as well as trade for a Mr. Mime.

    User Info: pokedude7

    pokedude7 (Expert) - 7 years ago 3 0

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