Safari Zone?

  1. I remember seeing something about how to catch Pokemon in safari zone but i forgot.(Again).

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    Uggy15 - 4 years ago

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  1. 1. Pay to enter the Safari Zone.

    2. Find a Pokemon to catch.

    3. Throw Ball.

    4. ????????


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  1. There's no fail-safe method to capturing pokemon in the safari zone. many players opt to just spam pokeballs. Though this information may help you decide what to do.

    "At the start of an encounter, two counters - an "angry counter" and an "eating counter" - are set to 0. Whenever Bait is thrown, the angry counter is reset while the eating counter increases by a random value between 1 and 5 (but to no more than 255). The opposite occurs if a Rock is thrown: the eating counter is reset and the angry counter increases on the same basis. The catch rate is doubled (to no more than 255) whenever a Rock is thrown, but halved (rounded down) whenever Bait is thrown.
    At the end of each turn, if either the angry or eating counter is nonzero, it is decreased by 1; if the angry counter is decreased to 0, the modified catch rate resets to the Pokemon's initial catch rate. A random value between 0 and 255 inclusive is generated, and if this is less than half of the Pokemon's Speed rounded down (if the Pokemon is eating), double the Speed (if the Pokemon is in a neutral state), or four times the Speed (if the Pokemon is angry), the Pokemon escapes. A Pokemon will also always escape if its Speed is 128 or more, even if it is eating."

    If you're after a specific pokemon you'll want to focus on an area where that pokemon is most likely to appear.
    For a list of pokemon appearance rates in the Safari Zone visit the following link and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

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  2. There is a glitch in Red & Blue that can allow you to catch Safari Zone pokemon elsewhere. However, inside the Safari Zone, you're simply best (as stated above) to simply keep throwing Safari balls.

    If you want to try catching them outside the Safari Zone, then enter the Safari zone and wander around the area with the Pokemon you're after until the time runs out. Once you're out of the Safari zone, use FLY to go directly to Cinnibar Island and use SURF on the right-hand coastline to encounter Pokemon from the last area you were in (in this case the Safari Zone area you were just at) - note that the battle will be a "normal" wild Pokemon battle.

    The reason this glitch works is because Gamefreak intended you to be able to fight Pokemon on that kind of area, but they forgot to actually program what Pokemon gets encountered. Coupled with the fact that using teleportation moves such as FLY doesn't immediately load the encounter rates for an area, it can be abused to get Pokemon out of the normal areas. (Note that this glitch is more commonly used for Missingno)

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