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    Trainer List by volvox

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                                   All The Trainers Of
                                 Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
                                       Scott Walker
    v1.0    7-23-00   First draft.  Goes up to SS Anne.
    v1.1    8-26-00   Major update.  Goes up to Lavender Town.
    v1.2    10-10-00  Major update.  Goes up to Saffron City.
    v1.3    10-23-00  Major update.  Goes up to Fuchsia City. Style edits.
    v1.4    12-29-00  Major update.  Goes up to Route 13.
    v1.5    4-25-01   Major update.  Goes up to Victory Road.
    v1.6    6-5-01    Major update.  Goes up to the end.
    v2.0    6-16-01   Final version.  Spell check, style check.
    Final	10-19-05  Minor change (thanks James Geer)  No more updates will be 
    Feel free to distribute this FAQ as long as it remains unchanged, but it may be
    translated into other languages.  If you wish to use it or parts of it, do not 
    forget to credit me. 
    This is a list of all the trainers one encounters in the Pokemon Gameboy game.
    Most of these trainer battles are not too difficult, but this guide can help you
    prepare so you don't get caught off guard.  I wrote this off the Blue version, 
    but the trainers in the Red and Yellow versions should be the same.  If not, 
    please let me know.
    I may include little maps later, but for now I've described the people in the
    order you meet them, or in relation to other people you've met.  For example,
    4th would be the 4th person along a particular route, while "4th, down" would be
    the person just down from the 4th person along the route.  Simple eh?
    So here goes...
    Viridian Forest
    1st - Bug Catcher                              Weedle          L7
                                                   Caterpie        L6
    2nd - Bug Catcher                              Weedle          L7
                                                   Kakuna          L7
                                                   Weedle          L7
    3rd - Bug Catcher                              Weedle          L9
    Pewter City Gym
    1st - Jr Trainer Male                          Diglett         L11
                                                   Sandshrew       L11
    Leader - Brock                                 Geodude         L12
                                                   Onix            L14
    Route 3
    1st - Lass                                     Pidgey          L9
                                                   Pidgey          L9
    2nd - Bug Catcher                              Caterpie        L10
                                                   Weedle          L10
                                                   Caterpie        L10
    3rd - Youngster                                Rattata         L11
                                                   Ekans           L11
    4th - Bug Catcher                              Weedle          L9
                                                   Kakuna          L9
                                                   Caterpie        L9
                                                   Metapod         L9
    4th down - Youngster                           Spearow         L14
    5th - Lass                                     Rattata         L10
                                                   Nidoran Male    L10
    6th - Bug Catcher                              Caterpie        L11
                                                   Metapod         L11
    7th - Lass                                     Jigglypuff      L14
    Mt Moon
    By Sign - Lass                                 Clefairy        L14
    Left of sign - Bug Catcher                     Weedle          L11
                                                   Kakuna          L11
    Right, down, left - Supernerd                  Magnemite       L11
                                                   Voltorb         L14
    Right, down, right - Bug Catcher               Caterpie        L10
                                                   Metapod         L10
                                                   Caterpie        L10
    Up, right - Lass                               Oddish          L11
                                                   Bellsprout      L11
    Up, left - Youngster                           Rattata         L10
                                                   Rattata         L10
                                                   Zubat           L10
    Ladder - Hiker                                 Geodude         L10
                                                   Geodude         L10
                                                   Onix            L10
    1st ladder, 1st - Rocket                       Sandshrew       L11
                                                   Rattata         L11
                                                   Zubat           L11
    2nd ladder, 1st - Rocket                       Zubat           L12
                                                   Ekans           L12
    3rd ladder, 1st - Rocket                       Raticate        L16
    3rd ladder, 2nd - Rocket                       Rattata         L13
                                                   Zubat           L13
    3rd ladder, 3rd - Supernerd                    Grimer          L12
                                                   Voltorb         L12
                                                   Koffing         L12
    Cerulean City Gym
    1st - Swimmer                                  Horsea          L16
                                                   Shellder        L16
    2nd - Jr Trainer Female                        Goldeen         L19
    3rd - Misty                                    Staryu          L18
                                                   Starmie         L21
    Route 24
    1st - Gary                                     Pidgeotto       L18
                                                   Abra            L15
                                                   Rattata         L15
                                                   (varies)        L15
    2nd - Bug Catcher                              Caterpie        L14
                                                   Weedle          L14
    3rd - Lass                                     Pidgey          L14
                                                   Nidoran Female  L14
    4th - Youngster                                Rattata         L14
                                                   Ekans           L14
                                                   Zubat           L14
    5th - Lass                                     Pidgey          L16
                                                   Nidoran Female  L16
    6th - Junior Trainer Male                      Mankey          L18
    7th - Rocket                                   Ekans           L15
                                                   Zubat           L15
    Left - Junior Trainer Male                     Rattata         L14
                                                   Ekans           L14
    Route 25
    1st - Hiker                                    Machop          L15
                                                   Geodude         L15
    2nd up - Youngster                             Rattata         L15
                                                   Spearow         L15
    2nd down - Hiker                               Onix            L17
    3rd up - Youngster                             Slowpoke        L17
    4th - Lass                                     Nidoran Male    L15
                                                   Nidoran Female  L15
    5th - Hiker                                    Geodude         L13
                                                   Geodude         L13
                                                   Machop          L13
                                                   Geodude         L13
    6th - Junior Trainer Male                      Rattata         L14
                                                   Ekans           L14
    7th - Youngster                                Ekans           L14
                                                   Sandshrew       L14
    8th - Lass                                     Oddish          L13
                                                   Pidgey          L13
                                                   Oddish          L13
    Cerulean City
    Back of house - Rocket                         Machop          L17
                                                   Drowzee         L17
    Route 6
    1st - Junior Trainer Male                      Squirtle        L20
    2nd - Junior Trainer Female                    Rattata         L16
                                                   Pikachu         L16
    3rd - Bug Catcher                              Butterfree      L16
    4th - Junior Trainer Female                    Pidgey          L16
                                                   Pidgey          L16
                                                   Pidgey          L16
    5th - Junior Trainer Male                      Spearow         L16
                                                   Raticate        L16
    S.S Anne
    Main Floor
    1st from right - Gentleman                     Growlithe       L18
                                                   Growlithe       L18
    2nd from right - Gentleman                     Nidoran Male    L19
                                                   Nidoran Female  L19
    2nd from left, 1st - Lass                      Pidgey          L18
                                                   Nidoran Female  L18
    2nd from left, 2nd - Youngster                 Nidoran Male    L21
    2nd from right, 1st - Sailor                   Horsea          L17
                                                   Shellder        L17
                                                   Tentacool       L17
    2nd from right, 2nd - Sailor                   Shellder        L21
    3rd from right - Sailor                        Horsea          L17
                                                   Horsea          L17
    4th from right - Sailor                        Tentacool       L18
                                                   Staryu          L18
    Last, 1st - Fisherman                          Tentacool       L17
                                                   Staryu          L17
                                                   Shellder        L17
    Last, 2nd - Sailor                             Machop          L20
    Second Floor
    Gary                                           Pidgeotto       L19
                                                   Raticate        L16
                                                   Kadabra         L18
                                                   (varies)        L20
    Top Deck
    1st - Sailor                                   Machop          L18
                                                   Shellder        L18
    Vermillion City Gym
    1st - Sailor                                   Pikachu         L21
                                                   Pikachu         L21
    2nd - Rocker                                   Voltorb         L20
                                                   Magnemite       L20
                                                   Voltorb         L20
    3rd - Gentleman                                Pikachu         L23
    Route 12
    1st - Youngster                                Ekans           L21
    1st, down - Gambler                            Poliwag         L18
                                                   Horsea          L18
    2nd, upper - Youngster                         Sandshrew       L19
                                                   Zubat           L19
    2nd, lower - Youngster                         Nidoran Male    L18
                                                   Nidorino        L18
    3rd - Gambler                                  Bellsprout      L18
                                                   Oddish          L18
    4th, upper - Gambler                           Growlithe       L18
                                                   Vulpix          L18
    4th, lower - Engineer                          Magnemite       L21
    5th - Engineer                                 Magnemite       L18
                                                   Magnemite       L18
                                                   Magneton        L18
    6th, lower - Gambler                           Voltorb         L18
                                                   Magnemite       L18
    6th, upper - Youngster                         Rattata         L17
                                                   Rattata         L17
                                                   Raticate        L17
    Route 9
    1st - Junior Trainer Female                    Oddish          L18
                                                   Bellsprout      L18
                                                   Oddish          L18
                                                   Bellsprout      L18
    2nd - Hiker                                    Machop          L20
                                                   Onix            L20
    3rd, up - Junior Trainer Male                  Growlithe       L21
                                                   Charmander      L21
    4th, left, up - Bug Catcher                    Beedrill        L19
                                                   Beedrill        L19
    3rd, right, top - Bug Catcher                  Caterpie        L20
                                                   Weedle          L20
                                                   Venonat         L20
    3rd, right, bottom - Hiker                     Geodude         L21
                                                   Onix            L21
    4th, right, left - Junior Trainer Male         Rattata         L19
                                                   Diglett         L19
                                                   Ekans           L19
                                                   Sandshrew       L19
    4th, right, up - Hiker                         Geodude         L20
                                                   Machop          L20
                                                   Geodude         L20
    5th - Junior Trainer Female                    Meowth          L23
    Rock Tunnel
    Outside - Junior Trainer Female                Pikachu         L20
                                                   Clefairy        L20
    1st - Pokomaniac                               Cubone          L23
                                                   Slowpoke        L23
    2nd - Pokemaniac                               Slowpoke        L25
    3rd - Junior Trainer Female                    Oddish          L22
                                                   Bulbasaur       L22
    4th - Pokemaniac                               Charmander      L22
                                                   Cubone          L22
    5th, lower - Hiker                             Geodude         L25
    5th, upper - Hiker                             Machop          L20
                                                   Onix            L20
    6th - Hiker                                    Geodude         L19
                                                   Machop          L19
                                                   Geodude         L19
                                                   Geodude         L19
    7th, left - Hiker                              Onix            L20
                                                   Onix            L20
                                                   Geodude         L20
    8th - Hiker                                    Geodude         L21
                                                   Graveler        L21
    9th - Junior Trainer Female                    Jigglypuff      L21
                                                   Pidgey          L21
                                                   Meowth          L21
    10th - Hiker                                   Geodude         L21
                                                   Geodude         L21
                                                   Graveler        L21
    11th - Pokemaniac                              Slowpoke        L20
                                                   Slowpoke        L20
                                                   Slowpoke        L20
    12th - Junior Trainer Female                   Bellsprout      L22
                                                   Clefairy        L22
    13th - Junior Trainer Female                   Pidgey          L19
                                                   Rattata         L19
                                                   Rattata         L19
                                                   Bellsprout      L19
    14th - Junior Trainer Female                   Meowth          L20
                                                   Oddish          L20
                                                   Pidgey          L20
    Outside, 1st - Junior Trainer Female           Pidgey          L21
                                                   Pidgeotto       L21
    Outside, left - Hiker                          Geodude         L21
                                                   Onix            L21
    Outside, left, 2nd - Hiker                     Onix            L19
                                                   Graveler        L19
    Outside, lower - Pokemaniac                    Cubone          L20
                                                   Slowpoke        L20
    Pokemon Tower 
    Second Floor
    1st - Gary                                     Pidgeotto       L25
                                                   Growlithe       L23
                                                   Exeggecute      L22
                                                   Kadabra         L20
                                                   (varies)        L25
    Third Floor
    Top - Channeler                                Ghastly         L23
    Middle - Channeler                             Ghastly         L24
    Bottom - Channeler                             Ghastly         L22
    Fourth Floor
    1st - Channeler                                Ghastly         L23
                                                   Ghastly         L23
    2nd, left - Channeler                          Ghastly         L24
    2nd, bottom - Channeler                        Ghastly         L22
    Fifth Floor
    Top - Channeler                                Ghastly         L22
    By healing area - Channeler                    Ghastly         L24
    Bottom - Channeler                             Haunter         L22
    Right - Channeler                              Haunter         L23
    Sixth Floor
    Middle - Channeler                             Ghastly         L22
                                                   Ghastly         L22
    Top - Channeler                                Ghastly         L24
    Left - Channeler                               Ghastly         L24
    By Stairs - Ghost                              Marowak         L30
    Seventh Floor
    1st  - Rocket                                  Zubat           L25
                                                   Zubat           L25
                                                   Golbat          L25
    2nd - Rocket                                   Koffing         L26
                                                   Drowzee         L26
    3rd - Rocket                                   Zubat           L23
                                                   Rattata         L23
                                                   Raticate        L23
                                                   Zubat           L23
    Route 8
    1st - Lass                                     Clefairy        L22
                                                   Clefairy        L22
    2nd - Gambler                                  Growlithe       L24
                                                   Vulpix          L24
    3rd - Super Nerd                               Grimer          L22
                                                   Muk             L22
                                                   Grimer          L22
    4th, top - Lass                                Nidoran Female  L23
                                                   Nidorina        L23
    4th, 2nd to top - Super Nerd                   Koffing         L26
    4th, 2nd to bottom - Lass                      Meowth          L24
                                                   Meowth          L24
                                                   Meowth          L24
    4th, bottom - Lass                             Pidgey          L19
                                                   Rattata         L19
                                                   Nidoran Male    L19
                                                   Meowth          L19
                                                   Pikachu         L19
    5th - Gambler                                  Poliwag         L22
                                                   Poliwag         L22
                                                   Poliwhirl       L22
    6th - Super Nerd                               Voltorb         L22
                                                   Koffing         L22
                                                   Voltorb         L22
                                                   Magnemite       L22
    Celadon Gym
    1st - Lass                                     Bellsprout      L23
                                                   Weepinbell      L23
    2nd - Beauty                                   Oddish          L21
                                                   Bellsprout      L21
                                                   Oddish          L21
                                                   Bellsprout      L21
    Right - Junior Trainer Female                  Bulbasaur       L24
                                                   Ivysaur         L24
    Left - Beauty                                  Bellsprout      L21
    3rd - Cool Trainer Female                      Weepinbell      L24
                                                   Gloom           L24
                                                   Ivysaur         L24
    Inside, right - Lass                           Oddish          L23
                                                   Gloom           L23
    Inside, left - Beauty                          Exeggcute       L26
    Inside, 2nd from left - Erika                  Victreebel      L29
                                                   Tangela         L24
                                                   Vileplume       L29
    Game Corner 
    Main Floor
    1st - Rocket                                   Raticate        L20
                                                   Zubat           L20
    Basement One
    Left - Rocket                                  Raticate        L21
                                                   Raticate        L21
    Right - Rocket                                 Drowzee         L21
                                                   Machop          L21
    Elevator - Rocket                              Grimer          L22
                                                   Koffing         L22
    Basement Two
    First - Rocket                                 Zubat           L17
                                                   Koffing         L17
                                                   Grimer          L17
                                                   Zubat           L17
                                                   Raticate        L17
    Bottom - Rocket                                Rattata         L19
                                                   Raticate        L19
                                                   Rattata         L19
    Bottom, 2nd - Rocket                           Grimer          L20
                                                   Koffing         L20
                                                   Koffing         L20
    Basement Three
    1st - Rocket                                   Rattata         L20
                                                   Raticate        L20
                                                   Drowzee         L20
    Bottom - Rocket                                Machop          L21
                                                   Machop          L21
    Basement Four
    Top - Rocket                                   Koffing         L21
                                                   Zubat           L21
    Elevator, left - Rocket                        Ekans           L23
                                                   Sandshrew       L23
                                                   Arbok           L23
    Elevator, right - Rocket                       Sandshrew       L23
                                                   Ekans           L23
                                                   Sandslash       L23
    Inside - Giovanni                              Onix            L25
                                                   Rhyhorn         L24
                                                   Kangaskhan      L29
    Saffron City - Dojo
    1st - Blackbelt                                Machop          L31
                                                   Mankey          L31
                                                   Primeape        L31
    2nd - Blackbelt                                Machop          L32
                                                   Machoke         L32
    3rd - Blackbelt                                Primeape        L36
    4th - Blackbelt                                Mankey          L31
                                                   Primeape        L31
    5th - Blackbelt                                Hitmonlee       L37
                                                   Hitmonchan      L37
    Silph Co
    Second Floor
    1st - Rocket                                   Golbat          L25
                                                   Zubat           L25
                                                   Zubat           L25
                                                   Raticate        L25
                                                   Zubat           L25
    Center - Rocket                                Cubone          L29
                                                   Zubat           L29
    Bottom - Scientist                             Magnemite       L28
                                                   Voltorb         L28
                                                   Magneton        L28
    Bottom left - Scientist                        Grimer          L26
                                                   Weezing         L26
                                                   Koffing         L26
                                                   Weezing         L26
    Third Floor
    1st - Rocket                                   Raticate        L28
                                                   Hypno           L28
                                                   Raticate        L28
    Left - Scientist                               Electrode       L29
                                                   Weezing         L29
    Fourth Floor
    Lower left - Rocket                            Machop          L29
                                                   Drowzee         L29
    Right - Rocket                                 Ekans           L28
                                                   Zubat           L28
                                                   Cubone          L28
    Middle - Scientist                             Electrode       L23
    Fifth Floor
    Right - Rocket                                 Hypno           L33
    Middle - Juggler                               Kadabra         L29
                                                   Mr Mime         L29
    Left - Scientist                               Magneton        L26
                                                   Koffing         L26
                                                   Weezing         L26
                                                   Magnemite       L26
    Bottom - Rocket                                Arbok           L33
    Sixth Floor
    Top - Rocket                                   Machop          L29
                                                   Machoke         L29
    Bottom - Rocket                                Zubat           L28
                                                   Zubat           L28
                                                   Golbat          L28
    Middle - Scientist                             Voltorb         L25
                                                   Koffing         L25
                                                   Magneton        L25
                                                   Magnemite       L25
                                                   Koffing         L25
    Seventh Floor
    1st - Rocket                                   Cubone          L29
                                                   Cubone          L29
    Left - Rocket                                  Raticate        L26
                                                   Arbok           L26
                                                   Koffing         L26
                                                   Golbat          L26
    Bottom left - Scientist                        Electrode       L29
                                                   Muk             L29
    Bottom right - Rocket                          Sandshrew       L29
                                                   Sandslash       L29
    Top left - Gary                                Pidgeot         L37
                                                   Growlithe       L38
                                                   Exeggute        L35
                                                   Alakazam        L35
                                                   (varies)        L40
    Eighth Floor
    Top - Scientist                                Grimer          L29
                                                   Electrode       L29
    Bottom - Rocket                                Weezing         L28
                                                   Golbat          L28
                                                   Koffing         L28
    Top - Rocket                                   Raticate        L26
                                                   Zubat           L26
                                                   Golbat          L26
                                                   Rattata         L26
    Ninth Floor
    Bottom - Rocket                                Golbat          L28
                                                   Drowzee         L28
                                                   Hypno           L28
    Right - Scientist                              Voltorb         L28
                                                   Koffing         L28
                                                   Magneton        L28
    Upper left - Rocket                            Drowzee         L28
                                                   Grimer          L28
                                                   Machop          L28
    Tenth Floor
    1st - Scientist                                Magnemite       L29
                                                   Koffing         L29
    2nd - Rocket                                   Machoke         L33
    Eleventh Floor 
    1st - Rocket                                   Rattata         L25
                                                   Rattata         L25
                                                   Zubat           L25
                                                   Rattata         L25
                                                   Ekans           L25
    2nd - Giovanni                                 Nidorino        L37
                                                   Kangaskhan      L35
                                                   Rhyhorn         L37
                                                   Nidoqueen       L41
    Saffron City Gym
    1st - Psychic                                  Slowpoke        L33
                                                   Slowpoke        L33 
                                                   Slowbro         L33
    Right side, middle - Psychic                   Mr Mime         L34
                                                   Kadabra         L34
    Right side, top - Psychic                      Kadabra         L31
                                                   Slowpoke        L31
                                                   Mr Mime         L31 
                                                   Kadabra         L31
    Left, bottom - Channeler                       Ghastly         L30
                                                   Ghastly         L30
                                                   Haunter         L30
    Left, middle - Channeler                       Haunter         L38
    Left, top - Psychic                            Slowbro         L38
    Middle, top - Channeler                        Ghastly         L34
                                                   Haunter         L34
    Middle, middle - Sabrina                       Kadabra         L38
                                                   Mr Mime         L37
                                                   Venomoth        L38
                                                   Alakazam        L43
    Route 16
    1st - Biker                                    Grimer          L29
                                                   Koffing         L29
    2nd - Cueball                                  Machop          L28
                                                   Mankey          L28
                                                   Machop          L28
    3rd - Cueball                                  Mankey          L29
                                                   Machop          L29
    4th, top - Cueball                             Machop          L33
    4th, bottom - Biker                            Weezing         L33
    5th - Biker                                    Grimer          L26
                                                   Grimer          L26
                                                   Grimer          L26
                                                   Grimer          L26
    Route 17
    Left side, 1st - Biker                         Weezing         L28
                                                   Koffing         L28
                                                   Weezing         L28
    Left side, 2nd - Biker                         Muk             L33
    Left side, 3rd - Cueball                       Mankey          L26
                                                   Mankey          L26
                                                   Machoke         L26
                                                   Machop          L26
    Left side, 4th - Biker                         Weezing         L29
                                                   Muk             L29
    Right side, 1st - Cueball                      Machop          L29
                                                   Machoke         L29
    Right side, 2nd - Cueball                      Mankey          L29
                                                   Primeape        L29
    Right side, 3rd - Biker                        Voltorb         L29
                                                   Voltorb         L29
    Right side, 4th - Cueball                      Machoke         L33
    Right side, 5th - Cueball                      Primeape        L29
                                                   Machoke         L29
    Bottom - Biker                                 Koffing         L25
                                                   Weezing         L25
                                                   Koffing         L25
                                                   Koffing         L25
                                                   Weezing         L25
    Route 18
    Left - Birdkeeper                              Spearow         L29
                                                   Fearow          L29
    Middle - Birdkeeper                            Spearow         L26
                                                   Spearow         L26
                                                   Fearow          L26
                                                   Spearow         L26
    Bottom - Birdkeeper                            Dodrio          L34
    Fuchsia City Gym
    1st, right - Juggler                           Hypno           L38
    1st, left - Juggler                            Drowzee         L34
                                                   Kadabra         L34
    2nd, right - Juggler                           Drowzee         L31
                                                   Drowzee         L31
                                                   Kadabra         L31
                                                   Drowzee         L31
    3rd, right - Tamer                             Arbok           L33
                                                   Sandslash       L33
                                                   Arbok           L33
    4th, top, left - Tamer                         Sandslash       L34
                                                   Arbok           L34
    4th, middle, left - Juggler                    Drowzee         L34
                                                   Hypno           L34
    5th, center - Koga                             Koffing         L37
                                                   Muk             L39
                                                   Koffing         L37
                                                   Weezing         L43
    Route 15
    1st - Junior Trainer Female                    Bellsprout      L29
                                                   Oddish          L29
                                                   Tangela         L29
    2nd - Bird Keeper                              Pidgeotto       L26
                                                   Farfetch'd      L26
                                                   Doduo           L26
                                                   Pidgey          L26
    3rd - Bird Keeper                              Dodrio          L28
                                                   Doduo           L28
                                                   Doduo           L28
    4th, bottom - Junior Trainer Female            Gloom           L28
                                                   Oddish          L28
                                                   Oddish          L28
    4th, top - Beauty                              Bulbasaur       L29
                                                   Ivysaur         L29
    5th - Biker                                    Koffing         L28
                                                   Grimer          L28
                                                   Weezing         L28
    6th - Biker                                    Koffing         L28
                                                   Koffing         L28
                                                   Weezing         L28
                                                   Koffing         L28
                                                   Grimer          L28
    7th, top - Junior Trainer Female               Pikachu         L29
                                                   Raichu          L29
    7th, bottom - Beauty                           Pidgeotto       L29
                                                   Wigglytuff      L29
    8th - Bird Keeper                              Spearow         L29
                                                   Fearow          L29
    Back, top level - Junior Trainer Female        Clefairy        L33
    Route 14
    1st, left side - Biker                         Grimer          L28
                                                   Grimer          L28
                                                   Koffing         L28
    2nd, left side - Biker                         Koffing         L29
                                                   Grimer          L29
    3rd, left side - Biker                         Koffing         L26
                                                   Koffing         L26
                                                   Grimer          L26
                                                   Koffing         L26
    1st, right side - Bird Keeper                  Farfetch'd      L33
    2nd, right side - Biker                        Koffing         L29
                                                   Muk             L29
    3rd, right side - Bird Keeper                  Spearow         L28
                                                   Doduo           L28
                                                   Spearow         L28
    4th, right side - Bird Keeper                  Pidgeotto       L29
                                                   Fearow          L29
    Route 13
    Left Section
    Left, bottom - Bird Keeper                     Pidgey          L26
                                                   Pidgeotto       L26
                                                   Spearow         L26
                                                   Fearow          L26
    Right, bottom - Junior Trainer Female          Pidgey          L27
                                                   Meowth          L27
                                                   Pidgey          L27
                                                   Pidgeotto       L27
    Farther right, middle - Junior Trainer Female  Poliwag         L30
                                                   Poliwag         L30
    Farthest right, top, left one - Beauty         Clefairy        L29
                                                   Meowth          L29
    Farthest right, top, right one - Beauty        Rattata         L27
                                                   Pikachu         L27
                                                   Rattata         L27
    Right Section
    1st - Junior Trainer Female                    Pidgey          L24
                                                   Meowth          L24
                                                   Rattata         L24
                                                   Pikachu         L24
                                                   Meowth          L24
    2nd - Bird Keeper                              Pidgey          L29
                                                   Pidgeotto       L29
    3rd - Junior Trainer Female                    Goldeen         L28
                                                   Poliwag         L28
                                                   Horsea          L28
    4th - Junior Trainer Male                      Nidoran Male    L29
                                                   Nidorino        L29
    5th - Fisherman                                Magikarp        L24
                                                   Magikarp        L24
    6th - Rocker                                   Voltorb         L29
                                                   Electrode       L29
    Route 12
    1st - Fisherman                                Poliwag         L21
                                                   Shellder        L21
                                                   Goldeen         L21
                                                   Horsea          L21
    2nd - Fisherman                                Goldeen         L27
    3rd - Fisherman                                Tentacool       L24
                                                   Goldeen         L24
    4th - Fisherman                                Goldeen         L22
                                                   Poliwag         L22
                                                   Goldeen         L22
    Route 19 
    1st, right, land - Swimmer                     Goldeen         L29
                                                   Horsea          L29
                                                   Staryu          L29
    1st, left, land - Swimmer                      Tentacool       L30
                                                   Shellder        L30
    1st, water - Swimmer                           Horsea          L30
                                                   Horsea          L30
    2nd - Swimmer                                  Poliwag         L30
                                                   Poliwag         L30
                                                   Poliwhirl       L30
    3rd - Swimmer                                  Horsea          L27
                                                   Tentacool       L27
                                                   Tentacool       L27
                                                   Goldeen         L27
    4th - Swimmer                                  Goldeen         L29
                                                   Shellder        L29
                                                   Seaking         L29
    5th, top - Swimmer                             Tentacool       L27
                                                   Tentacool       L27
                                                   Staryu          L27
                                                   Horsea          L27
                                                   Tentacruel      L27
    5th, left - Beauty                             Poliwag         L27
                                                   Goldeen         L27
                                                   Seaking         L27
                                                   Goldeen         L27
                                                   Poliwag         L27
    5th, right - Beauty                            Goldeen         L30
                                                   Seaking         L30
    5th, bottom - Beauty                           Staryu          L29
                                                   Staryu          L29
                                                   Staryu          L29
    1st, bottom - Swimmer                          Horsea          L28
                                                   Horsea          L28
                                                   Seadra          L28
                                                   Horsea          L28
    1st, top - Swimmer                             Shellder        L31
                                                   Cloyster        L31
    2nd - Beauty                                   Seadra          L30
                                                   Horsea          L30
                                                   Seadra          L30
    3rd, outside cave - Beauty                     Seaking         L35
    After Seafoam Island Cave
    1st - Junior Trainer Female                    Tentacool       L30
                                                   Horsea          L30
                                                   Seel            L30
    2nd - Swimmer                                  Staryu          L35
    3rd, platform - Birdkeeper                     Fearow          L30
                                                   Fearow          L30
                                                   Pidgeotto       L30
    4th - Junior Trainer Female                    Goldeen         L31
                                                   Seaking         L31
    5th - Beauty                                   Poliwag         L31
                                                   Seaking         L31
    Cinnabar Island - Pokemon Mansion
    2nd floor, 1st - Burglar                       Charmander      L34
                                                   Charmeleon      L34
    3rd floor, right - Scientist                   Magnemite       L33
                                                   Magneton        L33
                                                   Voltorb         L33
    1st floor - Scientist                          Electrode       L29
                                                   Weezing         L29
    Basement, 1st - Burglar                        Growlithe       L34
                                                   Ponyta          L34
    Basement, 2nd - Scientist                      Magnemite       L34
                                                   Electrode       L34
    2nd floor, east to get to - Burglar            Ninetales       L38
    Cinnabar Island - Gym
    1st - Burglar                                  Growlithe       L36
                                                   Vulpix          L36
                                                   Ninetales       L36
    2nd - Supernerd                                Vulpix          L36
                                                   Vulpix          L36
                                                   Ninetales       L36
    3rd - Supernerd                                Ponyta          L34
                                                   Charmander      L34
                                                   Vulpix          L34
                                                   Growlithe       L34
    4th - Burglar                                  Ponyta          L41
    5th - Supernerd                                Rapidash        L41
    6th - Burglar                                  Vulpix          L37
                                                   Growlithe       L37
    7th - Supernerd                                Growlithe       L37
                                                   Vulpix          L37
    8th - Blaine                                   Growlithe       L42
                                                   Ponyta          L40
                                                   Rapidash        L42
                                                   Arcanine        L47
    Route 21
    1st, left - Swimmer                            Staryu          L33
                                                   Wartortle       L33
    1st, right - Swimmer                           Poliwhirl       L32
                                                   Tentacool       L32
                                                   Seadra          L32
    2nd, right - Swimmer                           Starmie         L37
    3rd, right - Fisherman                         Seaking         L33
                                                   Goldeen         L33
    3rd, left - Fisherman                          Shellder        L31
                                                   Cloyster        L31
    4th, bottom - Swimmer                          Seadra          L33
                                                   Tentacruel      L33
    4th, top - Cueball                             Tentacool       L31
                                                   Tentacool       L31
                                                   Tentacruel      L31
    5th, bottom - Fisherman                        Magikarp        L27
                                                   Magikarp        L27
                                                   Magikarp        L27
                                                   Magikarp        L27
                                                   Magikarp        L27
                                                   Magikarp        L27
    5th, top - Fisherman                           Seaking         L28
                                                   Goldeen         L28
                                                   Seaking         L28
                                                   Seaking         L28
    Viridian City Gym
    Top - Blackbelt                                Machoke         L38
                                                   Machop          L38
                                                   Machoke         L38
    Bottom left - Tamer                            Arbok           L39
                                                   Tauros          L39
    Left, middle - Blackbelt                       Machoke         L43
    Center, 1st - Cooltrainer Male                 Sandslash       L39
                                                   Dugtrio         L39
    Center, 2nd - Blackbelt                        Machop          L40
                                                   Machoke         L40
    Center, 3rd - Tamer                            Rhyhorn         L43
    Above center, 1st - Cooltrainer Male           Rhyhorn         L43
    Above center, 2nd - Cooltrainer Male           Nidorino        L39
                                                   Nidoking        L39
    Center - Giovanni                              Rhyhorn         L45
                                                   Dugtrio         L42
                                                   Nidoqueen       L44
                                                   Nidoking        L45
                                                   Rhydon          L50
    Route 22
    1st - Gary                                     Pidgeotto       L47
                                                   Rhyhorn         L45
                                                   Growlithe       L45
                                                   Exeggcute       L47
                                                   Alakazam        L50
                                                   (varies)        L53
    Victory Road
    First Floor
    Middle - Cooltrainer Female                    Persian         L44
                                                   Ninetales       L44
    Top corner - Cooltrainer Male                  Ivysaur         L42
                                                   Wartortle       L42
                                                   Charmeleon      L42
                                                   Charizard       L42
    Second Floor
    1st - Blackbelt                                Machoke         L43
                                                   Machop          L43
                                                   Machoke         L43
    2nd - Juggler                                  Drowzee         L41
                                                   Hypno           L41
                                                   Kadabra         L41
                                                   Kadabra         L41
    3rd - Tamer                                    Persian         L44
                                                   Golduck         L44
    4th - Juggler                                  Mr Mime         L48
    5th, top right corner - Pokemaniac             Charmeleon      L40
                                                   Lapras          L40
                                                   Lickitung       L40
    Third Floor
    Right, by item - Cooltrainer Male              Executor        L43
                                                   Cloyster        L43
                                                   Arcanine        L43
    Platform, center - Cooltrainer Female          Parasect        L43
                                                   Dewgong         L43
                                                   Chansey         L43
    Bottom, lower - Cooltrainer Male               Kingler         L43
                                                   Tentacruel      L43
                                                   Blastoise       L43
    Bottom, upper - Cooltrainer Female             Bellsprout      L43
                                                   Weepinbell      L43
                                                   Victreebel      L43
    Indigo Plateau
    1st - Lorelei                                  Dewgong         L54
                                                   Cloyster        L53
                                                   Slowbro         L54
                                                   Jynx            L56
                                                   Lapras          L56
    2nd - Bruno                                    Onix            L53
                                                   Hitmonchan      L55
                                                   Hitmonlee       L55
                                                   Onix            L56
                                                   Machamp         L58
    3rd - Agatha                                   Gengar          L56
                                                   Golbat          L56
                                                   Haunter         L55
                                                   Arbok           L58
                                                   Gengar          L60
    4th - Lance                                    Gyarados        L58
                                                   Dragonair       L56
                                                   Dragonair       L56
                                                   Aerodactyl      L60
                                                   Dragonite       L62
    5th - Gary                                     Pidgeot         L61
                                                   Alakazam        L59
                                                   Rhydon          L61
    At the beginning, if you took Bulbasaur        Gyrados         L61
                                                   Arcanine        L63
                                                   Venusaur        L65
    At the beginning, if you took Charmander       Exeggutor       L61
                                                   Gyrados         L63
                                                   Charizard       L65
    At the beginning, if you took Squirtle         Arcanine        L61
                                                   Gyrados         L63
                                                   Blastoise       L65

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