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A Game So Classical, It's Music To My Ears.08/24/04AC Fanatic
Poke madness 200004/12/04Alucard517
The game that made 1998 an amazing year of gaming.05/07/06Bass260
Pikachu, use your thunderbolt attack!03/30/04BostonFuse51
The game that started it all...10/04/10Dragon66116
It seems it was passed over for blue...03/30/04Dude Love Fan
Game boy owner used pokemon red! Critical hit!08/25/04gamer8r
The Gold/Silver version is better, but this game is still fun.08/18/04headbanger
Let's take um back01/16/06idiotman7
Pretty deep for a handheld title.03/06/08kingdodongo1
Say Good Bye to 200 hours of your life!08/16/05mashpotatoking
Refreshing, Entertaining, and Detrimental to one's health06/25/10Menji
10 years later, and I still give it a 9 out of 1004/06/05MetalSonic700
Big Pokemon fan, but this game is too long03/06/06MoeBear
The legendary Red version.08/14/06Moonsummit
One of the single greatest games of all time... for kids under 10.12/10/05Nichols660
Dude, this game invented RPGs!04/10/04Nintendo fan 302
Why the hell should I catch them all???01/03/11Ofisil
The game that started the Pokemon world...09/26/04peach freak
Old, but still worth it?08/11/08PIKA740
After all these years, Pokemon is still a GREAT game12/05/04Pooty Boy
'Addictive' is the word to describe this game03/28/04Richard Walker
An RPG for all ages04/04/04rpgDragon
THE game for everyone!07/06/05sammy_jo06
Ahh my Childhood Memories07/21/04samthebigkid
An easy, light RPG, that you wont want to put down. This IS Nintendo history.11/09/05VGF
A Trick Game, One Catch- Your Name07/12/06Virus919
Pokemon = Nicotine08/10/05XsolidusX

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