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"The game that made 1998 an amazing year of gaming."

At the time of this game, the Game Boy wasn't doing very well because of the Virtual Boys faliure and the Game Boy Colour wasn't out yet. Then light shined through and Pokemon is created! After the years of Nintendo arch enemy the Playstation with Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy Nintendo wasn't doing to great. Pokemon really helped though to boost up the Game Boys sales. Even to this day Pokemon is one of the most popular series around with trading cards and its very own T.V. show. This game was the only game that kept the Game Boy alive after Tetris was so old and everyone had it.

Story 8/10
The story I never thought was very good but it will make sense once you progress more in the game. So one day you're character go's to Prof. Oak's Lab. He went and Prof. Oak had 3 starter pokemon. Bulbasaur the grass pokemon, Charmander the Fire Pokemon and Squirtle the water Pokemon. You get to pick which one you want. After that he tells you to get all the Gym Badges from the Gym Leader in each Gym. There is 8 badges. Once you get all 8 badges you are allowed to go into the Pokemon League, where you battle the 5 toughest Pokemon Trainers. So thats the story.

Game Play 10/10
As one of the most played handheld game ever, it has to be good. Well guess what? It is. There is 151 pokemon to catch and tons of fun trying to catch them. You get to Level up your Pokemon. You are allowed to have 6 Pokemon in your Party at once. As your Level increases you get stronger and eventually able to topple the greatest Pokemon Trainers. There is tons of areas to explore and the game sometimes poses a challenge.

Graphics 4/10
The graphics weren't one of the games strong points. Since the game was made in 1998 graphics were better then but this game still has graphics that would have been used in the days of the NES ans SNES. It's sad that such a great game didn't have very great visuals. Still some people like the retro graphics and some don't. They could have been better but when the game was made, Handheld games didn't have the best Graphics.

Sound 10/10
The sound was one of the games strong points. You will be battling Trainers a lot so every battle there could be different music. Three was different music for each battle and type of area you're in. Since this was the first game in the series in had all those classic tunes that you hear in the newer Pokemon games.

Controls 10/10
The controls are very basic in this game. You use the A button, the B button, and the control pad to move. Very basic and easy to use. Nobody can complain about them because they are so basic to use. Also they are very close so easy to use quickly. So nothing wrong with the controls.

Replayability 10/10
Everyone knows why this game could last forever. For starters it takes a while to catch all the Pokemon. Secondly it takes even longer to level up your Pokemon to Level 100. Sometimes the game can sometimes pose a challenge when there is a Gym Leader that is strong against your Pokemon. The Pokemon League and the Pokemon champion can be really hard if you don't have the right Pokemon in your Party. Well obviously the game is very fun and doesn't get boring till you fight the last Pokemon, beat the last Trainer or catch the very last Pokemon and believe me that is very hard to do.

Why you should get this game? You should get this game if you are a Pokemon fan. You should get this game is you want to know the roots of the Pokemon series and of how it all started. You should get this game even if you are new to the series. You should get this game for any reason because it is really quite good or maybe you want this game for some other reason but anyways this game rocks and you should get it.

Overall 10/10
Overall this game is very good with great sound, a fun adventure, very basic controls and game that never gets boring. I really don't know anyone that doesn't have this game that has a Game Boy but you the reader probably don't have the game or you wouldn't be reading this. Well anyways happy hunting for the game if you want it and Bye!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/07/06

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