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"A Trick Game, One Catch- Your Name"

There is One Catch of the 150 + 1 Pocket Monsters Theme and that is that YOU are the World's Greatest Pokemon Master. But it was guessed that it would be in your shadow or behind you. Or so they assumed...

As the story goes, you are a trainer who is to start on a journey to catch them all. A place that is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon. Some have Pokemon for pets, others as friends or companions, and for the few, there are those that use Pokemon For Battle.

Professor Oak, the Head Researcher and well renowned, used to be a Great Trainer, now retired, decided to learn and study about them, as well as help new trainers get their start. After waking up, you have a choice of 3 starter Pokemon of Grass, Fire, and Ice. After choosing your Starter, the hotheaded Grandson of Prof. Oak, get the pokemon with a better type, So that You'll have to work at a disadvantage. You battle on and here is where it ended before you even started.

This is the deal. The goal of pokemon is to catch 151 monsters with secret Pokemon Mew. Of course you can't get all of the Pokemon in one game. It requires you to trade with another person. You have your character's name, id number, color version, and pokemon that you traded. So it's like you carry a part of your friend wherever you. Also like having someone's full name right in front of you and you wouldn't even know or guess who. The Leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, wants to take over the world with his gang of Pokemon. Though the operations and function of this organization is mysterious.


Story-8/10-: I particularly loved the story. It had some depth and realism to it. There are those who may disagree with me, but I beg to differ. Anyway, it's not all that complex, yet there is combinations of simplicity to it that is not hard to follow and great to understand. The only thing that kinda gets to me though is that there is no real back story to where the Pokemon really came from and how things came to be. Also there are very many Gaps with Team Rocket. Not that it's too much but a general idea of these whereabouts aren't bad either.

Gameplay-10/10-: An RPG where you can catch your enemy and make them part of your team. The biggest game of rock paper scissors with limitless combinations. What's really nice about this game is that you can play against other players via Link cable and there is no time set. You can play however long you wish to. Even though this game is a complete rip off of Earthbound for the SNES, I still think it's good. There is a part where a girl in Happy Happy Village that if you go back there, when she sees Ness, an Exclamation will go above her head and she will walk right up to him and apologize. That was used for the Pokemon battles. Of course the battles are running into other people in life and how difficult it would be not to run into another person. Anywho, it's really good overall.

Graphics-7/10-: I think this is hard to criticize a gameboy game for the graphics, but otherwise, it's not that bad. Basic, but not overly basic. I would really like to go on and on about it but I can't. There is not too much to describe. I like the artwork and drawings for the game work.

Control-9/10-: The control for this game was practically perfect. If they only had done the same for the sequel. The reason I say this is because the controls can make and break a game. They made it for this game. Didn't come around the second time though.

Overall-10/10-: Pokemon or pocket monsters in Japan is an awesome game. There may be a few issues with the show or the 1st edition charizard cards for the Pokemon TCG card game, but as from which it started, the game itself is true to itself. Silver/Gold, while not bad, didn't turn out all that well in certain aspects, but other than that, it was great. Continued...Gotcha!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/12/06

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