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"The legendary Red version."

Well, it's taken me a while to stop reviewing the new and look at a few old ones. For all the people who rated this game low either hate Pokemon, or rated this game at a 2006 standard. Just look at this game. 8 years ago this game was legendary. Every kid had this game. It was a craze back then. Think about it carefully, seriously, which game tops Pokemon back in 1998? I rarely ever give out 10s on my reviews, and Pokemon Red is the second 10 I've ever given to a game on gamefaqs. Why is that then? Read below and find out. I try to keep all my reviews neutral, and of course, no I am not a fan biased towards Pokemon. You need to accept a great game when you see one, and not by the title of the game. Don't judge a book by it's cover is what I was taught. Lol.

What is this game like?
You play as Ash, although you can name yourself something else. Your quest is to catch all the Pokemon. (151 in all). Pokemon are basically weird little creatures which fight for you against other Pokemon trainers. If their Hp is reduced to 0 they faint. You can carry a total of 6 Pokemon with you, and if you run out of Pokemon, you lose. You quest is to become the number trainer and to defeat the "Elite 4" which are basically the best trainers in the world. Doing so will make you the Pokemon Master.

Graphics: 9/10

As a Gameboy game this game as legendary graphics. Perhaps being compared to the Xbox 360 it is a joke, but still, think 8 years ago. Being compared to other games back then with Pokemon actually made Pokemon Red/Blue graphics look amazing. The characters are all done quite well. You can tell what they actually look like when battling them unlike many other gameheld games back then. This was an RPG which you could actually spend your time on.

Gameplay: 10/10

This game was VERY indepth. For all you Pokemon haters, you're probably not reading this anyway, but just to tell you; How can you hate something which you have never tried? But let me tell you - I'm not 8 years old. So basically, you level your Pokemon up, (Max being 100). And you make them stronger by battling and training them. When fighting other trainers, you take turns to fight. The Pokemon with the most agility strikes first. The best part of it is that Pokemon is actually an RPG you could play after you completed the storyline. But the glitch of duping your Rare Candies nerfed the play value a bit. Nevertheless this is a game that you can keep playing and never get bored. (Of course unless you catch every Pokemon).

Storyline: 6/10

A bit lame for anyone who is above the age of 12. But many people did not simply play games for the storyline. So you set out on an adventure to be the best Pokemon trainer. On the way, you battle some evil Pokemon trainers trying to take over the world with evil Pokemon. Yeah, sounds childish, but if you play along, it isn't so bad. Lol.

Music: 10/10

This game has one of the best audio tracks around. You could actually enjoy the music, every town having their own little music theme which you may enjoy. The battle music was also great. It will get you humming with the tune in no time.

Overall: 10/10

Like I said before, I rarely ever give out 10s during reviews. Hardly any games deserve 10/10 as they are not perfect, but nor is this game. But it is closer to a 10 than a 9. Everything is well done, except for the storyline maybe. This is a game back in the days where you can take your time playing, and hope the adventure would never end. Games never lasted for too long on the Game Boy as the system itself was not amazing. But Pokemon actually did last to be considered a true RPG. So to conclude, this game deserves the credit it should get - As the best all time Gameboy game.

*Good Graphics
*Long Game
*Indepth game
*Nice Music

*Childish Storyline

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/14/06

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