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"Getting close to the ten year anniversery of Pokemon, I'd like to make a review for the game that started it all."

If you haven't heard of this game, get out of your cave, and look around. Pokemon has taken over the world, and we have this little game to thank for that. Pokemon cards, posters, TV shows, everything. Kudos to Nintendo, for making one of the most popular games in the world! On with the review...

Story 6/10
It's kinda start out as a kid, who wants to become a trainer (from now on named Red, all though you get the choice of what to name him). Red goes to Prof. Oak's lab to get a pokemon, but he isn't there. Red goes to search in tall grass, where Oak comes and stops him. Oak brings him into the lab, and there, you get to choose three starters. You then go out to be the very best, but it seems your rival is always a step ahead of you. You must recieve all 8 badges from strong trainers called Gym Leaders, and then you must beat the Elite 4, who have the strongest pokemon in the game. Along the way, you must destroy the plans of Team Rocket, who want to take over the world. Really, though, it's not exciting.

Music 7/10
I've heard worse on the Gameboy. There are a bunch of tunes, each ones match up with what's going on. Creepy music for caves and forests, bold music for gyms, exciting music for battles. However, as we all know, the gameboy can't really pump out very high quality sound.

Graphics 9/10
You can tell they put lots of effort into this. All 151 pokemon have unique sprites, and the trainers look pretty nice too. The battle animations aren't all that great, and repeated every game in the series (with an exception being the upcoming Pokemon Battle Revolution), the pokemon never hit eachother. The towns were nicely done. This is in black and white, unless you're playing on a Super Gameboy/GBC/GBA/GBASP/whatever, then, it's in the game's color. (Red shades for Red version, Blue shades for blue version.)

Gameplay 9/10
Close to perfect. First, there are 15 types of pokemon. These turn out to be a strategical, as Fire beats grass, water beats fire, and grass beats water. Also, there are moves that the pokemon uses that have types too, like fire blast would be fire, gust is flying, and solarbeam is grass. For example, a bulbasaur (grass) is fighting a pidgey (flying). The bulbasaur charges for solar beam, while the pidgey uses gust, and it's super effective, as flying beats grass, so since the move is the pokemon's type, he gets a 1.5* increase, and since the move is super effective, that means it's 2* damage also. Next turn. Bulbasaur uses solarbeam. The attack is his type, so 1.5*, but it's not strong against flying, so it's .5*. Sounds confusing I guess, but it's really easy concept to grasp. Anyways, what makes the gameplay golden is complete customizable teams. There are 151 pokemon to choose from in this game, not including the glitched Missingnos that mess up your game. You can have 6 pokemon on a team at once, and the battles go 1vs1 at a time. The pokemon have four moves they can use. You're probably thinking, "What? 4 moves? 6 on a team? What kind of customization is that?" Well, you have I believe 12-14 pokemon boxes, which each store 30 pokemon. 30*14=420 pokemon in storage. However, I really hate the box system in this game, because you have to save everytime you change boxes, and it shows them by their nicknames, so you have to then go in and check your pokemon's stats if you decide to name them to find the right one. Also, there is a major side quest, which is completing the pokedex. You have to catch and/or evolve 151 pokemon to finish it off. It may not seem hard, but you will throw your gameboy at the wall in frustration after 6 attempts to catch the chansey. Also, you can't catch 'em all in this game without the use of a gameshark, or, Pokemon Blue. Don't understand? With use of the magical gameboy link cable, you can trade, and battle your customized pokemon with other pokemon players! It's what keeps the game going after the Elite Four, trying to raise the best team of pokemon to destroy your friends.

Replay Value 8/10, take two off if you don't have friends to battle or trade with.
You've got lots to do in this game after it's finished. Well, you have two tasks, both hard ones. Figure out how to beat your friends in battles by trying many combinations of pokemon, and complete the pokedex. It's really time consuming. I AM STILL MISSING ONE POKEMON FROM MY POKEDEX!! It's that darn annoying pokemon, Flareon. You see, there's a pokemon named Eevee in this game, and it has 3 evolutions, but you only get one per game. ARGH!!

Averaged Rating 7.8/10
My rating 9/10 (Take a point or two off if you don't have anyone to battle or trade with)
Buy or Rent This is a long game, buy it if you still can, rent it if this sounds a bit odd to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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