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"Pretty deep for a handheld title."

Now, there are a few matters I need to explain before the review begins. This is a review of Pokemon: Red Version. However, I will explain all content from the blue version. This is helpful because I will not be doing a stand alone review of blue version. Also, this is not a review for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. That game, however, I will write a review for in the future. Now I can start the review of this terrific game.

The graphics, by todays standards, barely even qualify as graphics. However, when this game came out, it was a very unique an brilliant graphical style. This was one of the first games to present color on the Gameboy (or any hand held system). The graphics themselves are pretty cool and creative. The over world is detailed, people all look like midgets, and obvious effort was put forth in the pokemon models. The battle move sequences also look really good. My lone graphical complaint is that everything will be red. Ice will be red, leaves will be red. There won't actually be any diversity in the colorful design. The same prob;em exists in the blue version. Everything will be blue. This is a minor gripe and the game retains the majority of its graphical flare.

The sound is just as good. There is no voice acting, its all just done in text form. However, I very much enjoyed the music in this game. At first it sounded a little squeaky and annoying, but after a while, that perception changed drastically. The little jingles began to get stuck in my head. This applied to both the in battle music and the over world music. The over world music was particularly impressive, because almost every area presents new audio material for your listening pleasure. The sounds of the Pokemon are good as are the sounds of their fighting moves. In game sound effects are kept to a minimum, which is probably good.

The story is rather light, but it is definitely there and pretty engaging. You play as <insert character name here>. That was a joke, but you name the character what ever you want. You take him (yes you cant be a female) to the laboratory of Professor Oak. He gives you and your rival, who once again is named by you, a choice of 3 Pokemon. After you choose one you get a Pokedex and begin your adventure. You will attempt to collect all of the gym badges before your rival and defeat the Pokemon League. A team of pokemon "gangsters" will be in your way, but they strike me more as terrorists. They are named Team Rocket. You will have to stop their evil ways.

My favorite part of this game is the depth of the game play. There are hundreds of trainers to battle across the worlds. However, the meat of this game comes from battles against gym leaders, team rocket leaders, and your rival. The rival battle is particularly hard, because his plan is alway specifically designed to defeat your pokemon. Thanks to this, you cant just train one Pokemon and make it all powerful. You need a balanced team with lots of different types. After you stop Team Rocket you move on to the pokemon league. However, even after that there are 150 pokemon for you to catch. You will need to connect with a blue version, because some pokemon are exclusive to blue or red. Without cheating, this took me 73 hours of game play. Just engrossing, thats all there is to say.

1. Colorful
2. Sounds mostly terrific
3. Interesting story, and extremely deep game play

1. Slightly annoying sound
2. No color variety
3. Pretty simple, even for the youngest of players

My final verdict, is that this is a fantastic game. Its a deep, rich, and engrossing experience. It's sure to get lots of play time, and multiple play throughs.

I give it 9 Charizards...out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/06/08

Game Release: Pokemon Red Version (US, 09/30/98)

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