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"The one that started it all."


I can't remember when this game came out as I was only like 3 at the time,but pokemon Red will always be a Pokemon game to remember.This game was a legend.I still find myself playing it every day.It is such a fun game that people these days are still going nuts trying to find it.Almost everything about this game is great.The only thing I don't find fantastic about it is the music.I will explain why later.


You start out as a young pokemon trainer in need for some adventure.Once you go outside and into Prof. Oak's Lab you find that only your rival is standing there.(Whom you can name yourself)Nothing happens so you go outside and as you wander into the grass look who comes running after you.Its none other than Prof. Oak.He tells you to watch out and to not go into the grass as he takes you back tho the lab.That whiney little rival of yours is asking when is he going to get his pokemon.Then Prof. Oak asks you to take one of three pokemon from the table to your right.As soon as you pick either Bulbasaur the Grass/poison type,Squirtle the water type or Charmander the fire type your rival will quickly grab whichever pokemon has the advantage against yours.Just as you are leaving he challenges you to a battle.It is not that hard and if you win your pokemon go up one level.After you leave and make your way to Viridian City and go into the pokemart the store clerk will ask you to take something to the Professor.Once you do that your rival will barge in saying his pokemon have gotten stronger(Whatever) Prof. Oak then asks you to take a Pokedex from the shelf,And your greatest pokemon adventure has just started...


Gameplay is simmilar to most RPGs exept for one thing.In this game you get to capture as many pokemon as you can and train them for battle.The goal is simple,find every pokemon in the world and capture them for the Pokedex.Although It is not all that simple,the game requires you to trade with your friends so you can capture all the pokemon in the world.But these days it is really hard because the game is rare and alot of people don't even have the link cable.The game is not all about catching pokemon though.Most of the game is battling other trainers to make your pokemon stronger.When pokemon get EXP points they go up a level.But the amount of EXP needed to level up depends on the pokemon and the level of it.When a pokemon levels up its stats go up.(Keep in mind in this game special attack and defence were just called special and it was all one stat)Once you have battled enough trainers and your pokemon are strong enough you can go up against really strong trainers called gym leaders.These gym leaders only train one type of pokemon and is recomended that you use types of pokemon that are strong against the type thet they use.There is a big list of advantages and disadvantages,but I am not going to list them now.When you beat them they will congragulate you with a Gym badge and a TM(A sort of disk that can teach your pokemon moves without having to level up)One you have all 8 gym badges you can gain axess to the pokemon leage.It is a place were only the toughest of all trainers go.Once you gat there you have to fight 4 really tough trainers called the Eliet Four.Once you beat them it turns out you still have to face your rival at the end because he is now the Champion.Once you do that you will be regestered in the Pokemon Hall of Fame.The only thing to do now is catch all the pokemon in the game.(This is a generatinon 1 game so there are only 151 pokemon.


This game is alot of fun.It will without a doubt offer lots of sleepless nights and many hours of gameplay.You will find your self so addicted to this game you might find that you forget to eat(Happened to me 5 times)


Now you would think that with this being a gamboy game that the graphics are not anything special.Well sort of.The graphics are actually not bad and the pokemon disign is really good.The only thing I find annoying is that if you are playing pokemon Red the whole outline of the game is going to be a shade of red.Same goes for Pokemon Blue and so on.The battle animations are pretty good considering how old the game is.But don't turn them off(Yes you can do that) because the game can get boring without them.Most of the buildings look the same,but some are quite different.It just gets a little repeditive when you keep seeing the same house over again.But lets keep in mind how old this game is.


This is the part of the game I don't like the most because the music is repeditive and boring.I think it would be a good Idea to listen to some music while playing this.(I like to listen to pokemon battle music from newer games on my laptop lol)And the worst music in the game HAS to be the Lavender town music.It is like just a bunch of beeps with eiree music added in.But the music isn't all bad.I like mosly all the battle music.(Thankfully you will be battling alot in this game)A really good touch is that each pokemon has its own cry witch sound cool in battle.


This game will last you a really long time,a really really long time.Even when you get bored you will probably reach for it to play in a week or so.This game has alot of functions to keep you playing for a long time.And this is only pokemon red.Try games like pokemon emerald or pokemon diamond.Then you will know the meaning of addiction.

Is it a must have?

Yes it definatly is.The only thing is that you may have a really hard time finding it as it is so rare.

Overall score

9/10 A really great game for pokemon fans old and new.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/09

Game Release: Pokemon Red Version (US, 09/30/98)

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