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"Good Start however very flawed"

Well we all know the craze that swept the States in the mid-90's. If you haven't heard of Pokemon, then you must have been living under a rock cause it was everywhere. T.V., trading cards and video games. Today I will be talking about the video game portion of Pokemon, namely the first generation, Pokemon Red. Note that this was before most of the important things that contribute to competitive battling like combos, special split, no Dark or Steel, no breeding, no natures, and to a lesser extent no IV or EV (however no 2 of the same Pokemon has the same stats). So what we are working with here is only 151 Pokemon, only one special stat and limited moves.


For its time these were good graphics, heck these were probably one of the best graphical games on the Game Boy. The Pokemon are detailed (though some look different than there show counterpart) and the towns look good. As far as graphics everything is fine.


Again these pieces of music was great for it's time. Everything sounded great and was the foundations to some song that were reused later in the series. Most of the music in Pokemon to me were very memorable and will be never forgotten.


I feel they could have done way better in the sound department. The only good thing I can really say is you can tell the difference between regular, critical, and not very effective hits.


This is why the game gets a 7. Good music and good graphics can only go so far. The first problem I have with this game is the lack of AI (which never really changes in Pokemon). I can be sitting there with my Pokemon on its last hit point, but instead of finishing me off, they would use something like leer or growl instead of tackle or scratch. This also goes for attacks they choose. I could have a Grass type Paras fighting a fire type Vulpix. Instead of the Vulpix using Ember continuously (which I would do) it will use maybe Ember once, then several Quick Attacks, follow by a growl. Another problem I have is the half types damages. For example I have a Mapchop that does a Low Kick on a Pidgey. "It's not very effective". Okay WTF just happened? If my type chart is right 2x0.5=1, that means normal damage, why is Pidgey getting treated like a pure flying type in that situation? Well To be honest to this day I have no idea why this happens. Pidgey isn't the only Pokemon that experience this. Zapdos is super effective off other electric type attacks. There are other Pokemon I could call out but that's just off the top of my head. Another problem I have is a certain Pokemon name Alakazam (would mention Mewtow but he's naturally strong) Alakazam is broken in this game. If the trainer has one of these Pokemon (Gary ((or whatever you named your rival) and Sabrina the Saffron Gym leader has this Pokemon) you better have a strong Pokemon. But wait it has a weakness does it? Actually yes it does, the very seldom use bug Pokemon type attacks, which their are only 2 in total, and one of the legal users is weak to psychic attacks.Since this Pokemon is one of the fastest, and one of the strongest special (both in attack and defense since it not split yet) in the game, beating this Pokemon without a strong Normal type is almost impossible.

I also want to got back to the Bug type is greater than Psychic type argument. Some types have very little weakness and only one to 2 attack can sometimes exist for that type. For example Dragon types are weak to other Dragon type attacks. However there is only 1 Dragon attack in the entire game (Dragon Rage) which only does 40 HP of damage regardless. If it wasn't for the fact they were weak to Ice types, then Dragon Pokemon would be near invincible because there are only 3 of them.

My last sentence leaves me to another problem, lacks of Pokemon of a certain type. Why are they only 3 Ghost Pokemon and 3 Dragon Pokemon? Surely Nintendo and Game freak could add more Pokemon of those types? Well they do eventually in the next version.

The last major problem I have with the game is the amount of glitching in it. Maybe the whole Pidgey-Mapchop argument was one of many glitches in this game. You know the glitches I'm talking about. Missingno that's who. If you encounter this glitch your game could be at a risk of messing up PERMANENTLY. Catching this thing will destroy your game. That is on the fault of poor programing right there.

This game does have it Pros however. It still one of the best RPG on the Gameboy. Raising and catching certain creatures was a good idea on Nintendo's part. Making learn moves was good, but why only 4 at a time? Well whatever the single player experience was good After they level up, they evolve and get stronger. Not only that you can link up your Gameboys to play other people and their Pokemon, as well as trading.

Replay Value

You can do other things like going to the Unknown Dungeon and battle and trade Pokemon

Overall 7/10

The game hasn't age well. That's the problem with it. By G/S/C this game was far surpassed. If you want to play it just to get a feel for the old days, try it, otherwise I would play more current Pokemon games.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/15/09

Game Release: Pokemon Red Version (US, 09/30/98)

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