Review by Richard Walker

Reviewed: 03/28/04

'Addictive' is the word to describe this game

I want to make one thing clear from the start- although the orginal Pokémon games are separate counterparts, I'm writing my review on Pokémon Red ONLY, not Pokémon Blue. Got that? Good.

Anyway, I like Pokémon. I like the cards, I like the games, I even have some old Pokémon T-Shirts stuffed down the back of my bed. I got Pokémon Red because an old friend recommned I buy my own version rather than borrowing his. So, I did. And never for a second did I regret it. Read my review!

Don't get me wrong, this is a great game. But the graphics are undetailed and appaling. I like the hard look on the opposing Pokémon. I like the towns, I even like the look of some of the characters. And Mewtwo looks plain awesome(I had to stick that in somewhere).

What I have to bash is mainly the variation level of the towns, caves, and even just the routes. I know this is GameBoy but this is just nuts! Everywhere looks the same. If you aren't familiar with this game, you will get lost very quickly(If you're a hardend fan it won't be much of a problem) Another thing I have to have a go at is the overlook of your Pokémon. That is absoultly terrible, it doesn't match the Pokémon at all. Look at Onix, he looks like a pig!!! Finally the animation is all wrong, every attack is looks almost the same.

The music in Pokémon Red is alright. There are a lot of music pieces but what is there is decent. The towns music I enjoy are Lavender town paticularly! Some of the music does get pretty annoying after a while, like the bicycle music(God that is annoying!), and the Pallet Town music(No comment). But most of it is pretty good, and the SFX in battle are great. Just listen to the effect of the 'Rock Slide' attack and you'll be gasping in awe... maybe not.

The class part of the game. The story is simple- you just gotta catch 'em all(Corny!!). There 151 Pokémon to catch, 138 in one version(I think), 12 get through trading, and one you must get through either a cheat cart or special event from Nintendo. This game is so long, complex, and addictive. Why? Because you have to train this little monsters until you can build the ultimate team of Pokémon so you can beat the elite four, and your friends. On thing I love about Pokémon games is the fact that they actually promote the moral, 'Cheating never helps'. Using Rare Candies and cheat carts to get Pokémon won't help you win in the end, there's only room for solid, hardcore training.

Control is plain easy. If you play this game for a while, you can win a trainer battle without thinking about it.

Pokémon Red is a revolutionary game(It must be because it's the only RPG I like, lol). And so is it's counterpart, Pokémon Blue. It's highly addictive! I could not put this game down when I bought it, and I still can't. It's a real must try for all gamers.

Because this game has an indifferent crowd(In other words, you either like it, or you don't), I recommned you rent or have it lent to you before buying it. Or, search for a ROM on the net. But you just have to try this game... Pokémon Red!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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