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"Ahh my Childhood Memories"

Most people know Pokemon. I mean for god sakes it was once the hottest thing since sliced bread. The term "Pokemon" means "Pocket Monsters" in Japanese of course. Someone had this odd idea of capturing little monsters and battling with them. This man worked for Nintendo and brought it up and before you know it, the game was made with two versions. The differences between 'Red' and 'Blue' is there are different Monsters or Pokemon in each. To get monsters not normally found in your version, you must trade a friend. Nifty huh? Kids had the cards, but the game itself was way better. I'm not a real fan-boy anymore but this game brought so many memories, I had to give it a good score. It would later be the idol for many other rip-offs such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, Beyblade, Duel Master, and more. It is still a legend today.

Graphics- Pretty Good. All the Monsters look pretty good. The battle animations are pretty good themselves. The environments looks good. The people walking around are good too. The cinemas (though few) look good too. In battle pictures and such are good too. Basically all is good in this department.

Sound- Great. The music is classic and original. Also the battle-animations also sound just as good as they look. The monsters each have a unique roar so that is a good plus. The cinemas (though few) also sound good. This game overall sounds pretty good.

Gameplay- Fun Fun Fun Fun Fun. The story is: Your Ash (or whatever you name yourself) and you want to be the best Pokemon trainer ever. Your Rival Gary (once again can be named) also wants the spot. So you and him get a Pokemon from his uncle Professor Oak. From there you're off. The game is an RPG type. You walk around and there are no "live-battles". It's all turn based. You either face other trainers or wild pokemon. You can use Pokeballs to catch wild pokemon. You need to catch good pokemon and train them to become better. You go to gyms and earn badges. After you earn all eight, you can go to the Elite Four. From there you must try to earn the title as worlds greatest trainer. You have a PC in which you store your goods, spare pokemon, and etc. Pokemon also can "evolve" on which they transform into a stronger version. For example Charmander evolves into Charmeleon who evolves into Charizard. Pokemon evolve from either level up, stones, or trading. Overall the Gameplay is great.

Link- Fun. You can trade pokemon or battle your friends. You can build a superior team and dominate all. You just need another Game Boy and Link Cable.

In conclusion, this a great game. Though a little old, it is worth it. I had 250+ hours on mine. I did get all the Pokemon though. The game can keep you VERY busy. It's really fun. So for few flaws and much fun and memories, I give Pokemon Red for Game Boy a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/21/04

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