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"Game boy owner used pokemon red! Critical hit!"

Pokemon red, a primitive game by today's standards but for it's time it was great. (heck, it never stopped being great, it's just outdated)

graphics 6/10
well, the battle graphics were pretty good, but there are only a few sprites to represent the people of Kanto. I'm not sure exactly how many, but I would guess about 10. Like I said though, the graphics in the battles are pretty good and look like what they're supposed to be.

music 8/10
okay, so there are only a few themes. They're catchy! Trust me, you'll find yourself walking around humming the tunes (or maybe I'm just obsessed, who knows?) Anyway, they fit the environment you're in.

story 10/10
when it came out, it was pretty original. you don't have to save the world, you don't need to rescue the princess, you need to become a better trainer than everyone else. In the beginning, professor Oak, who gives you your first Pokemon, tells you about his plans for a Pokemon encyclopedia that he is too old to finish, so you have to.

gameplay 10/10
Wow! This is fun! Okay, you journey from city to city, fighting trainers to get to a gym where you get a badge for beating a strong trainer. Every once in a while you run into someone from Team Rocket, a gang of Pokemon thieves, and you have to beat him. Oh, and you need to catch Pokemon. Lots. There are 150 kinds, and you need to get all of them. Now, some of them you can catch, some you need to trade with NPC's for, and some can only be traded from other versions (but connecting to another person is VERY difficult, it is picky about when you hit the button to sign in, VERY frustrating), making it hard to finish your Pokedex (the name of the encyclopedia)

play time: 100+hours
It won't take that long to get to the end, but when you factor in catching every kind of Pokemon, this'll take FOREVER! Luckily they made it LONG without being too REPETITIVE.

overall: 9/10
great game. Just one annoying thing, everything that the NPCs say ends in an exclamation point. Guess Kanto is full of screamers.

Okay, you can't rent GB games anyway, and even if you could, you could never finish it. Buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/25/04

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