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"An old school RPG"

This is the Pokemon RPG that started an entire trend of video games. After the success of this game, Nintendo and Gamefreak made Yellow Version, Gold/Silver, Ruby/ Sapphire, and the newest games FireRed/LeafGreen. In this game, you take the role of a young boy starting his quest to became a Pokemon master, which includes catching every single Pokemon. You have your traditional rival to compete with, major battles with gym leaders, and even fight off an evil organization from taking over the world. Even thought it is so old, there is so much to do, and you will be playing this game for a few weeks. This game, along with Blue version, revolutionized the world of gaming with an elaborate Story mode and gameplay.


The game begins after you have chosen names for you and your rival. You are a 10-year old boy who is going to begin his Pokemon adventure. Professor Oak takes you to his lab and lets you choose one of three Pokemon! This is where it gets interesting. The starting Pokemon you choose will most likely determine your party throughout the entire game. Each time you restart, you can choose a different starter and see what difference it will make. You will also receive the Pokedex early in your quest. Your goal is to complete this encyclopedia and go down in Pokemon history!


The meat of the game. It is pretty easy. Walk around catching Pokemon to add to your arsenal. Collect and train them, so they level up. When certain Pokemon reach a certain level, they evolve, looking much cooler and stronger. To collect all 150 Pokemon, You need to connect with Pokemon Blue, or Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2. Train your pokemon until they reach a satisfactory level, then go and challenge gym leaders to see how well you fare. The game is easy to pick up because you get some time to get used to the game in the beginning. This classic story will keep you occupied for a long time because it is so deep and elaborate, having to train countless monsters to build the ultimate team. Why? Doesn't it feel good to be trashing your friend with your well-trained, dominating team? It's worth it in the end. This game is very hooking because you won't stop until you are the best! Even little kids can understand it, which is why this game is so popular.


The graphics are actually quite terrible, but back then, these graphics were considered to be legendary. There really isn't very much you can expect from a Gameboy game. The battle animations are okay, but the Pokemon themselves look fuzzy and odd. The landscape has flowers moving in the wind and rocks with trees, making Pokemon one of the most detailed games made for Gameboy. Despite the strangely shaped Pokemon and very limited amount of color, this game can still be quite enjoyable.


There is a backround music to the battling and for when you are walking. The music will change whenever you go to a different route or a new city. This may seem cool, but may get annoying sometimes. Also, whenever one of your Pokemon executes an attack, you will hear sound effects that represent that attack nicely. For example, Pikachu's Thundershock actually sounds like there is a lightening storm. However, the cries of the Pokemon sound more like a suffocating dinosaur. The sound is just average and will not do anything to enhance or destroy the gameplay.


To beat the Elite Four, you might need around 25 hours. If you want to catch every single Pokemon in the entire game, well, that could very well take another 50 hours. Every RPG takes some time to beat and Pokemon Red is no different. This game is fun and challenging.


Very high. Catching all 150 Pokemon can take a long time, since you require both Red and Blue, not to mention a link cable. There are endless possibilities and this game is never officially over. If you are bored, start over the game, but this time, choose a different starter and see whether you have an easier or harder time. Battling with your friends can add replay value because there is always room to improve. There is no such thing as a perfect team, but who knows? Will you be the one to make one?

Rent or Buy:

Since this game is so old, you can't rent it anymore. You can only buy used copies of this game at stores like Funcoland and EB Games. It is an instant classic that you will learn to love and respect. After you've played Red version, get Silver version, since Silver is the sequel to Red. Remember, You gotta catch 'em all! Pokemon!

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Originally Posted: 08/26/04

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