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"10 years later, and I still give it a 9 out of 10"

This is a review for Pokemon Red version. This is the first in a long line of Pokemon games. Pokemon is an RPG style game.

Story: 7/10: One would think that the story is the main point of an RPG. Well, whoever says that obviously was not referring to Pokemon Red. The basic story (and I do mean basic) is that you are a young Pokemon trainer who wants to set out into the world and catch all the Pokemon so that you can fill up a Pokedex made by your good friend Professor Oak. As your journeys begin, you learn about the Pokemon League. Once you collect the 8 badges from the gym leaders all across the continent, you will be allowed in the Pokemon league. To add to the story, you have a rival who does not really care about Pokemon, he just wants they're power. The two of you are always feuding.

Graphics: 9/10: For a Gameboy game, these graphics are amazing. The land of Hoenn that you travel across is vast and beautiful. There are 150 different Pokemon and each of them looks different. There are also a few hundred attacks that all have their own animations. The only reason I downgraded it is because there are only about 5 NPC designs used over and over again.

Sound: 10/10: This game has sounds so addicting that sometimes I hear them when it gets to quiet. The songs are really memorable, and can get stuck in your head easily. Each town has its own song as well. Every last Pokemon has its own distinct cry. There are also an insane amount of sound effects in the game.

Game play: 10 Wow. This game is amazing. It follows the basic “you can use what you catch” plan. If you catch a Pokemon, it can join your party. You can have a maximum of 6 Pokemon in your initial party, and all the rest go to your PC where they can be exchanged. If you only catch 3 Pokemon throughout the entire game, you will only use 3 Pokemon through the entire game. The battles are an odd form of a turn based battle system. You send out one Pokemon at a time, as does your opponent. You take turns choosing from one of four attacks to use against your opponent. Your turn can also be used to use an item, or to switch Pokemon. As in any RPG, your Pokemon gain experience from battles and level up. As they level up, they become stronger and sometimes learn new attacks. Another way to give your Pokemon is using TMs or Technical Machines. There are well over 100 technical machines in the game. Not any Pokemon can learn any attack, though. The Pokemon are divided into 8 types, fire, water, earth, leaf, lightning, psychic, and normal. Some of them even have sub-types. The Pokemon are balanced through a weakness - strength system, i.e. fire is weak against water. As you travel through this massive game, you fill fight 8 gym leaders. Each of them wields a different type of Pokemon. After beating all of the gym leaders you will be able to fight in the Pokemon league. That's not all though. You also have to foil the evil Team Rocket syndicate before they take over the Pokemon world. Once you've done all of this, you can spend hours and hours trying to catch every last Pokemon. Once you have all 150, you have truly completed the game.

Replay value: Insanely High. You will be playing this for years.

Length: Relatively Long

Final score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/05

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