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"THE game for everyone!"

Way back when my brother first got this game, I had decided that I would never be playing this particular game. I mean, pokemon? Just the name sounds like some dorky little kiddy-style Japanese game. I'd heard about these so-called "pokemon" and I wanted nothing to do with them.

However, that summer, we went on a long car trip, and my brother had fallen asleep, yet his gameboy was still on. I picked it up quietly so as not to wake him, and imediately took a step in the game and was thrust into a battle.

My experience? It was amazing. It was basically everything you could ask for in a Gameboy game. The thrill of trying to "Catch 'em All" was insanely addicting, and with 150 or so pokemon to catch, there are so many different combinations in your size 6 party that this game has an extremely high replay rate. In fact, if you've played this game once, there's no way you won't want to play it through again.

Graphics: 8/10~Okay, if you compare the graphics to all the new systems that are out today, like the GBA and the SP, the graphics suck. In fact, I hardly think it's fair to give gameboy games graphics ratings, but for this game, I felt it necessary. You can distinctly tell main characters (your mom, Professor Oak, yourself, your rival and bosses) from all of the other characters in the game. Everything moves very smoothly, and it's shaded in nicely so that you can tell each separate area of landscaping apart. The buildings in the towns were fairly similar; they could have done a bit more with variety there. Also, you kept on seeing basically the same types of people over and over again. But then again, what can you expect from a gameboy game?

Music/Sound Effects: 7/10~If you're walking around in a cave for a while unable to find your way out because of the constant battles every other step you take, the music can start to irritate you. However, other than it being a bit repetitive, it's very nice, again, I'm talking for a gameboy game here. The sound effects aren't bad, either. The pokemon in your party each have a distinct "call" when they first enter battle; after a while you'll probably even be able to tell them apart without looking.

Gameplay: 9/10~This is the game's major strongpoint, which is important for every good game, of course. As I've said before, it's insanely addicting; I still sometimes come back to it even years after getting gold/silver. It can get a bit repetitive at times (walk around in a new area, town, boss, new area, town, boss, etc.), but it throws in new caves/dungeons/buildings for you to explore as well as Team Rocket constantly annoying you which takes away a good chunk out of the repetitiveness.

Replay Value: 10/10~If you play this game through once, you WILL play it again. Insane addiction.

Buy/Borrow: Buy~It's an older game, but if you haven't played it yet, you've got to try it. If you like it, go for the Blue Version as well so you can catch all the pokemon ;).

Good luck :)!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/06/05

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