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"Say Good Bye to 200 hours of your life!"

Pokemon were once not known. Yeah, I know, that's hard to believe huh? Anyway, one day, out of nowhere...BOOM! here's this big phenomenon with these cute characters and an annoying catchphrase. It is no doubt that this was the big thing on the Game Boy and on how it sold, well, everyone could see that this was here to stay. This game was Pokemon Red. A game where getting every secret and every character was the goal. It was paired with Pokemon Blue (which was the exact same thing) and they both sold like hotcakes. But just because a game sells a lot doesn't mean that the game is good. Pokemon Red is a decent RPG, but definitely didn't deserve all of the hype that it got.

Talking about that Pokemon music is like speaking of the song that you originally don't like, but when you here it for the zillionth time, you start to hum along. The soundtrack is very diverse, but very simple. Each town and gym have there own theme, and that makes it kinda of interesting, but the songs aren't totally different, so many of the song are remixes of themselves. A cool thing that the developers did put in game was, that every Pokemon had there own "calling" or sound that they make. This gives each of the animal like creatures a little personality.

Graphics for the Gameboy were not exactly good. But, since I'm reviewing a game that came out a long time ago I should tell about them comparing them to other Gameboy titles. The graphics still stink. For the amount of detail that they could of put in, this is just lazy. The trees are pitiful, the people look like stick figures, and nothing really catches your eye as "cool". The only good thing about the graphics would be the Pokemon themselves. Each one look considerably different from each other, so it doesn't look like you're beating the same enemy over, and over, and over again. The Pokemon are very detailed for the time and use the graphics to their full potential, which the developers should of done with the rest of the game.

An RPG. What is the important thing in an RPG? The story, right. One of the first RPGs out there better have a good, well thought out story. Pokemon Red has a decent, but not thrilling story. You are a boy on his birthday that is finally going to have his very first pokemon. He goes, you pick the Pokemon, then you go and beat all of the Gyms to become the Pokemon Master. After all of your hard work, beating all of the gyms, you have to beat the "Pokemon League". You go through and beat them. That's all. For a little twist, they throw in your rival to challenge you from time to time. This may freshen up the story a little bit but not enough to keep it very exciting.

Pokemon Red isn't exactly known for it's challenge. Mostly because it doesn't have any challenge. Basically what you should do is level up a lot, and you have won. The battles involve no strategy. You can blast through the game in about 6 hours. But you won't what to. Just like the catchphrase says,"You've got to catch 'em all". There are 250 Pokemon to catch. This will take some time. First, let me explain how you get new pokemon. You go into some grass, run around until you find a pokemon, then you weaken it with attacks. You can attack, heal, change your Pokemon in battle, or use an item. To catch one you need to use a Poke ball. You throw it and hope you caught the critter. This is easy, but finding all the Pokemon is the trouble.

Training you Pokemon is a big thing and a special thing happens when you train enough(or when you get to the required level). That particular Pokemon evolves. It changes into a more powerful and less cute creature. This is essential to beating the more difficult Gyms and Pokemon.

Overall, it is hard to decide on if you should buy this game or not. If you are looking for something that will take up your life for the next couple hundred of hours of gameplay, then this is where your money should go. If your going more towards something that is deep, well, written, and fun to play all the way through, then you may want to skip out on this one.

Overall Rating: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/16/05

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