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"An easy, light RPG, that you wont want to put down. This IS Nintendo history."


If the name doesn't draw you in, then just pick up the game and play, you will be addicted. This game has redefined the way companies look at the hand-held market.


The plot of Pokemon is simple. You're a pre-teenage boy. Who, by chance, lives in a world with 151 little creatures know as Pokemon. Some people study Pokemon. Some people breed Pokemon. But there are others, like you, who who train Pokemon, and dream of becoming the world's greatest Pokemon trainer. You will get to choose one of three Pokemon. You'll take one, your lifelong rival will take one, and you'll begin on your journey to become the world's greatest Pokemon master. And to do that, you'll need to train your Pokemon, catch new Pokemon, defeat gym leaders to get all eight badges, and eventually battle the Elite Four, the greatest team of Pokemon trainers.


The game play is easily the high point of this great game. You travel around from city to city, through caves and forests, with a aerial view of your character, and his surroundings. Along the way you'll get into battles with wild Pokemon. Sometimes, you'll meet other trainers, and you'll be forced to battle them. Then, there are the Gym Leader battles. The Gym Leaders are more powerful trainers, and by beating them, you get a badge, and a TM, which teaches a Pokemon an ability. Throughout your quest, you'll be forced to fight those trainers, solve puzzles that are not very difficult, and try to collect all 151 Pokemon.

The Battle System is fairly easy to get a hold of. In this turn-based battle mode, you get 4 options. ATTACK, POKEMON, BAG, RUN. ATTACK will open up the sub-menu of your current Pokemon's moves, each Pokemon can have up to four moves. Each move does something different. From attacking the opponent, to lowering their stats, to raising your stats, or even cause a damaging status effect on the rival Pokemon. The POKEMON option allows you to choose from one of your six Pokemon with you, and send it to the field in exchange for the one already fighting. The BAG option enables you to look in you bag for an item to use, or to throw a Pokeball, in attempt of catching a wild Pokemon. And the RUN option will allow you to potentially flee from a battle against a wild Pokemon.

Besides fighting the Gym Leaders, and ultimately the Elite Four, another goal of the game is to own all 151 Pokemon at one point or another. Most Pokemon can be obtained by catching them in the wild, using Pokeballs. Some Pokemon must be earned by trading with non-playable characters within the game. And some Pokemon you must catch, BUT you will only get one chance that rare ones, as there is only one of some Pokemon breeds in the world. But not all the Pokemon can be obtained in Pokemon Red alone. You will need to trade with another human player, who owns Pokemon Blue in order to have all the Pokemon.



The sound and the music fit this game perfectly. For one, each Pokemon makes a unique sound when you encounter it in battle, or when you defeat it in battle. The music also works well, giving unique themes to various cities, Gym battles, regions, and the easily memorable title screen theme.


Pokemon redefined the hand-held gaming market as we know it. Nintendo released this highly-memorable game, with the cute little monsters, the large scary monsters, and the lovable characters.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/09/05

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