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"Let's take um back"

Pokemon. Probably one of the most well known and most hated franchises in the world. You really can't be neutral with Pokemon, its either you love it, or you hate it. And unfortunately most people do in fact hat it. Just for the fact of the shows and cards and merchandise. But Pokemon didn't all start with TV and cloths, what really made the franchise boom, were its games. And Red and Blue started it all.

Probably the most addicting game play on handhelds ever, and the simplest. The whole premise of the game is, capture and raise Pokemon, to defeat trainers and become Champion. Every Pokemon has its advantages and disadvantages. It's your job to use different Pokemon to gain an edge on your opponent.

Red has several Pokemon that its other counterpart doesn't, but Blue has Pokemon Red doesn't. Your short term goal is to become champ, but another challenge in the game is to get every 150 Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Red controls are also the easiest the series got. Pretty much it was a lot of walking, battling, talking, and winning. Catching and Evolving Pokes added to the mix really nice, and made it fun to raise them. But where the Red really shined, was the battling. It was the purpose of the game, to battle. Each Pokemon has four moves, and you must use them to defeat your opponent. It's a very strategic game, even though some people take it to far actually sitting down and thinking about counter attacks.

But nothing beats Pokemon's great game play and fun factor.

Okay, let me set it straight, when Red and Blue first came out, the story was great and simple, become Pokemon Champion, and take down a major bad guy organization on the way. It was after the next three games of pretty much the same story where it got old.

Pokemon starts off as you, in your home town of Pallet Town, where you live with your Mother. The time has come for you to leave home, and begin your new journey into the world. You meet Prof. Oak, and he gives you a choice between three Pokemon, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. All three have strengths and weaknesses, and your Rival will always pick the one that your Poke is weak to, so…

But after the main purpose is to beat all eight gym trainers, and go to the Elite 4, and become Pokemon champion. Simple as that.

I remember like it was yesterday, popping in Red for the first time, after watching a friend play it for hours, and it left me wanting to try it. The first time I heard the Pokemon theme, was on the game, and said, “wow that's really cool” And to this day I still enjoy it. The music for Pokemon was great when it first started. I loved it none stop and was one of the few games I would play with the sound on always.

The Pokemon sounded, okay. Nothing like now a days, where they actually all have distinctive voices, but it was still good. I was never impressed with the voices to much. And the characters didn't say anything; it was all just a lot of reading. But hey, because of it, I am one of the best readers in my class, so yay.

When I first put in Red, the only other handheld game I had ever played was Tetris. I had played dozens of NES and SNES before, but never an actual handheld game. When I first started playing, I was in awe. I couldn't believe how cool the game looked. All the Pokemon looked wonderful, if not a little red, and very detailed. Well, detailed in their pokedex section, during battles, your Pokemon looked distorted and weird. But oh well. Pokemon game looked fantastic.

Pokemon Red, started a gaming phenomenon that still stands strong today. It has to be the most recognizable franchise in the world, and the Red and Blue made it all happen. A definite buy. It was the original game that started it all. You have to have this game. Its time to put down the DS's and PSP's boy's and girls, we are going back to the old school style, that was, and still is Pokemon Red.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/12/05, Updated 01/16/06

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