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"One adventure even Tommy wouldn't want to go on."

The Rugrats have had a notable success in the television biz, so you'd feel that there would probably be a game along the way some time. So when the popular kid's show eventually had its own movie debut on the big screen, a video game was eventually made for the Game Boy. Apparently though, the designers felt the license would be more than enough to sell this title and put absolutely no work at all into it.

STORY: 1(out of 10)

The story of the Rugrats movie involves the birth of Tommy's new baby brother, Dylan, or "Dil," for short. When he gets on the other babies' nerves too much, they try and return him back to the hospital, but wind up getting lost in the woods as a result. The Rugrats Movie game doesn't even use this plot. It pretty much just takes levels based off the film and has Tommy go throughout them for no real reason. Worst of all, there's none of the show's trademark humor in the game(including some jokes that parents would only get).


The TV show and films don't have music that's actually that memorable, but at least they don't involve the same annoying tune throughout every level like this game does.


If I could give this a 0, I would. The gameplay involves moving throughout various areas trying to collect various objects that I can't spring to mind right now. You must collect a certain quota of items before moving to the next level, otherwise, you won't be able to pass. There's also a timer, so if you don't collect all these items in time it's game over. Now, here's where the stress meter comes in. Throughout the game there are various enemies roaming about, that will do damage to the babies if they come in contact. If the baby you're playing as gets hit, they'll lose EVERY single item they collected. Even worse, once those items disappear, they're gone for good, so you can't go back and collect them. Thus, you have to go back and collect any items you haven't touched yet, but with a huge amount of enemies each level it ranges from tough to impossibly difficult. There's no way at all to get rid of the enemies, so you can only jump over them and pray you don't get hit by a bird enemy or land on another one. The only character you really play as in this is Tommy. Chucky and the twins are only playable in the second level, but other than the different character sprite they play identically to Tommy in every way. There's also a brief segment where you control the Reptar Wagon, however, it has the same collect objectives as the side-scrolling levels so the novelty winds up wearing off very shortly. And don't look forward to the controls either. They are jerky and unresponsive, leaving Tommy just sitting there most the time.


Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, and Dil are the only real characters that you can recognize. The backgrounds are bland, dull, and repetitive, and the enemies blend in making them nearly impossible to see.


This game is pretty much impossible to beat. Bad enough a veteran gamer would have more than enough trouble, but the game's target audience will be screaming and throwing their Game Boy down in a matter of seconds.


You will probably never want to play this title again after just five minutes of the awful gameplay.


This game is one of the most stressful games ever made. The cheap hits and the fact that the enemies are pretty much invincible kill all sense of fun.


Avoid this game. Even Rugrats fans won't want to own this title.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 03/10/05

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