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    FAQ/Move List by CSable

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/12/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              WWF Warzone
                              For Game Boy
                              Version 1.4.
                              FAQ Written By Corey Sable
                              At cssable@yahoo.com
                              FAQ Written On 10/12/00
              ______            __            _______ ________________
             \      \          /  \          /      /                /
              \      \        /    \        /      /   _____________/
               \      \      /      \      /      /   /
                \      \    /        \    /      /   /__________
                 \      \  /    /\    \  /      /               /
                  \      \/    /  \    \/      /    ___________/
                   \          /    \          /    /
                    \        /      \        /    /
                     \      /        \      /    /
                      \____/          \____/____/
    I.     Revision History
    II.    Game Information
    III.   The Wrestlers
    IV.    Modes
    V.     Options
    VI.    Moves
    VII.   Finishers
    VIII.  Game Quotes
    IX.    Wrestler Biographies
    X.     Codes
    XI.    Passwords
    XII.   TV Schedule
    XIII.  Pay Per Views
    XIV.   Credits
                I. Revision History
    Version 1.0.- 4/21/00: First release, everything new, FAQ created.
    Version 1.1.- 5/7/00: Fixed some spelling errors, added names of finishing
                          moves in Finishers section, and updated Wrestler
                          Biographies section.
    Version 1.2.- 5/31/00: Added Game Quotes section.
    Version 1.3.- 8/5/00: Changed to my new E-Mail address, updated Undertaker's
                          profile in Wrestler Biographies section, updated Pay Per
                          Views section.
    Version 1.4.- 10/12/00: Added Codes section.
                II. Game Information
    Corey Sable is in no way associated with Acclaim Entertainment, Titan Sports,
    or any company involved in any way with WWF Warzone.
    WWF Warzone, the World Wrestling Federation, its logos, and characters are
    all registered trademarks of Titan Sports, Inc.
    Licensed To: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
    Programmed By: Probe Entertainment Ltd.
    Distributed By: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
    Developed By: Iguana West Software, Inc.
    Licensed By: Nintendo
    (c)Copyright 1998 Titan Sports, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
                III. The Wrestlers
    - Shawn Michaels
    - Kane
    - Ken Shamrock
    - Stone Cold Steve Austin
    - Faarooq
    - Goldust
    - Triple H
    - Mankind
    - Owen Hart
    - Rocky Maivia
    - British Bulldog
    - Ahmed Johnson
    - Undertaker
                IV. Modes
    WWF Challenge- You choose a wrestler and face 12 other superstars along the
                   way becoming the Intercontinental and World Champion. A
                   password saves your progress.
    Vs-            You choose a wrestler and your opponent and face them in a
                   regular match.
    Cage-          You choose a wrestler and your opponent and face them in a
                   steel cage match.
    Tag Team-      You choose a wrestler and a partner and face 2 opponents of
                   your choice.
    Training Mode- You choose a wrestler and your opponent who just sits there
                   and lets you beat the crap out of him.
                V. Options
             On the start menu go to the options menu and select the:
    Difficulty- This chooses the difficulty of your opponent(s). Can be set to
                easy, medium, or hard.
    Music- This chooses if you want the music on or off.
    Sound F\X- This chooses if you want the sound F\X on or off.
    Play Mode- This chooses what play mode you want. It can be set to falls or
               time limit.
    # of Falls\Time Limit- If in the Play Mode you selected falls, this selects
                the number of falls (bouts). It can be set to best of 1, 3, or 5
                falls. If in the Play Mode you selected time limit, this will
                set the time limit for the match. It can be set to 5, 10, or 15
    Controller Config- This selects the controls for the game.
                VI. Moves
             Standing moves:
             Attack: Punch
             Interact: Grapple
             Walking Moves:
             Attack: Jolt
             Interact: Grapple
             Running Moves:
             Double Press L\R and hold: Run
             Attack: Clothesline
             Interact: Dropkick
             Note: To bounce off ropes when running, you must switch directions
                   on the control pad to keep running.
             On ground:
             Up: Roll up
             Down: Roll down
             Interact + Up: Stand up
             Front Grapple- In Control:
             Up: Kick to stomach
             Left: Headbutt
             Right: Eye Rake
             Attack + Up: Suplex
             Attack + Left: Throw Slam
             Attack + Right: Powerslam Pin
             Interact + L\R: Irish Whip
             Toggle L\R: Break Tieup
             Front Grapple- Not in Control:
             Toggle L\R: Break Tieup
             Grapple From Behind- In Control:
             Left, Right, or Up: Atomic Drop
             Attack + Left, Right, or Up: Reverse Suplex
             Being pinned:
             Toggle L\R: Kick out
             On Turnbuckle:
             Interact + Direction of turnbuckle: Climb turnbuckle
             Attack or Interact + Up: Body Splash
             Attack or Interact + Left: Flying Elbow Drop
             Attack or Interact + Right: Flying Leg Drop
             Down: Climb down turnbuckle
             When standing- Next to fallen opponent:
             Attack: Elbow Drop
             Attack or Interact: Foot stomp
             Interact + Down: Leg Drop
             Special + Down: Pin
             When Walking- Next to fallen opponent:
             Attack: Elbow Drop
             Interact + Down: Leg Drop
             Special + Down: Pin
             When Running- Opponent on ground:
             Attack Interact: Running Body Splash
             Pinning opponent:
             Interact + Up: Break Pin
             Outside of ring- On apron:
             Interact + Up: Climb into ring
             Interact + Down: Jump down to concrete
             Attack + Down: Elbow Drop onto floor
             Outside of ring- On concrete floor:
             Interact + Up: Climb onto apron
             In cage- Standing next to cage:
             Interact + Up: Climb cage
             In cage- While Climbing cage:
             Down: Climb down cage
             Up: Climb up cage
             In cage- While climbing cage- Opponent in range:
             Attack: Elbow Jolt
             Interact: Elbow Drop
             In cage- Opponent climbing cage:
             Run into side of cage: Knock opponent to floor
             In tag team match- Next to partner:
             Left + Interact: Tag partner
               VII. Finishers
    All finishing moves are done in a tie-up by holding special and pressing 3
    buttons, except for Mankind's, which is done by holding special and pressing 3
    buttons over a fallen opponent's head. Since it wasn't listed on how to do the
    finishing moves in the WWF Warzone instruction manual, I found all of them by
    myself. If you are going to use these finishing moves in any type of list of
    your own, please give credit to Corey Sable.
    Shawn Michaels:     Left, Right, Up (Sweet Chin Music)
    Kane:               Right, Up, Down (Tombstone Piledriver)
    Ken Shamrock:       Left, Up, Right (Ankle Lock Submission)
    Stone Cold:         Down, Left, Right (Stone Cold Stunner)
    Faarooq:            Down, Up, Left (Dominator)
    Goldust:            Right, Left, Right (Curtain Call)
    Triple H:           Up, Left, Down (Pedigree)
    Mankind:            Up, Right, Left (Mandible Claw)
    Owen Hart:          Down, Right, Left (Spinning Heel Kick)
    Rocky Maivia:       Left, Down, Up (Rock Bottom)
    British Bulldog:    Right, Left, Down (Running Powerslam)
    Ahmed Johnson:      Up, Down, Left (Pearl River Plunge)
    Undertaker:         Left, Down, Right (Tombstone Piledriver)
               VIII. Game Quotes
    Here is a list of quotes from the game. If I missed any, you can send them in
    at cssable@yahoo.com.
        Before Matches:
    Shawn Michaels: "If you want a piece of me I ain't hard to find."
    Kane: None
    Ken Shamrock: "When I'm in the zone no one can stop me!"
    Stone Cold: "You're a piece of trash."
    Faarooq: "Don't try to stop me or you're gonna get dropped."
    Goldust: "You best be afraid. Very afraid."
    Triple H: "First I'll defeat you, then I'll take your girlfriend."
    Mankind: "Have a nice day."
    Owen Hart: "It takes more than you could imagine to become the king of harts."
    Rocky Maivia: "Know your role!"
    British Bulldog: "First I bark... Then I bite."
    Ahmed Johnson: "You're going down."
    Undertaker: "Rest in peace."
    Feud #1: "That was no 3 count."
    Feud #2: "You got lucky punk, this time I won't take it so easy."
    After IC Title Match: "You've got my belt and I want it back."
               IX. Wrestler Biographies
                      ------| Shawn Michaels |------
                           "The Heartbreak Kid"
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 227 lbs
    From: San Antonio, Texas
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Michael Hickenbottom
                      ------| Kane |------
                      "The Big Red Machine"
    Height: 7'0"
    Weight: 326 lbs
    From: Unknown
    Personality: Heel (Bad Guy)
    Real Name: Glenn Jacobs
                      ------| Ken Shamrock |------
                    "The World's Most Dangerous Man"
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 235 lbs
    From: Sacramento, California
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Ken Shamrock
                      ------| Stone Cold Steve Austin |------
                                 "The Rattlesnake"
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 252 lbs
    From: Victoria, Texas
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Steve Williams
                      ------| Faarooq |------
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 270 lbs
    From: Warner-Robbins, Georgia
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Ron Simmons
                      ------| Goldust |------
                 "Remember the name of.....Goldust"
    Height: 6'6"
    Weight: 260 lbs
    From: Hollywood, California
    Personality: Heel (Bad Guy)
    Real Name: Dustin Runnels
                      ------| "Triple H" Hunter Hearst Helmsley |------
                                         "The Game"
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 260 lbs
    From: Greenwich, Connecticut
    Personality: Heel (Bad Guy)
    Real Name: Jean Paul Levesque
                     ------| Mankind |------
                        "Have a nice day!"
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 287 lbs
    From: The Boiler Room
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Mick Foley
                      ------| Owen Hart |------
               "Enough is enough, and it's time for a change"
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 227 lbs
    From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Owen Hart
                      ------| "The Rock" Rocky Maivia |------
                              "The People's Champion"
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 275 lbs
    From: Miami, Florida
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Dwayne Johnson
                      ------| The British Bulldog |------
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 253 lbs
    From: Manchester, England
    Personality: Heel (Bad Guy)
    Real Name: David Smith
                      ------| Ahmed Johnson |------
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 305 lbs
    From: Pearl River, Mississippi
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Tony Norris
                      ------| The Undertaker |------
                               "The Phenom"
    Height: 6'10"
    Weight: 328 lbs
    From: Death Valley
    Personality: Babyface (Fan Favorite)
    Real Name: Mark Calloway
                 X. Codes
    Easy Win:
    Here's how to get an easy win:
    Do a move that throws your opponent out of the ring, like a suplex for example.
    Now, exit the ring, but don't go down to the floor. Block the way your opponent
    would enter the ring again. He will just stand on the floor. When the count
    reaches 9, enter the ring again. Your opponent won't have enough time to climb
    onto the ring apron and into the ring before the count reaches 10, so he will
    be counted out and you will be the winner.
    Game Shark Codes:
    Infinite Energy Player 1:    01904DC6
    Infinite Time Out Of Ring:   010011DD
    Quick Pin:                   01030DDD
                 X. Passwords
    All of these passwords listed I have found myself. If you are going to use them
    in a list of any kind of your own, please give credit to Corey Sable.
    Challenge: Stone Cold
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JGTCDHH
    11         HKQFCJJ
    10         JJRFBKK
     9         CCNHKBB         After Feud: MCNHKLB
     8         DGFHJCG         After Feud: NGFHJMC
     7         CKBKHDD
     6         DJCKGFF
     5         RMSMPQQ
     4         SQTMNRR         After Feud: JQTMNHR
     3         RTQPMSS         After Feud: HTQPMJS
     2         SSRPLTT
    Challenge: The Rock
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JRTCQHH
    11         HSQFTJJ         After Feud: RSQFTSJ
    10         JJRFSKK
     9         CLNHMBB
     8         DRFHLCC         After Feud: NRFHLMC
     7         CSBKPDD
     6         DTCKNFF
     5         RBSMHQQ         After Feud: HBSMHGQ
     4         SHTMGRR
     3         RJQPKSS         After Feud: HJQPKJS
     2         SKRPJTT
    Challenge: The Undertaker
    Rank:      Password:
    12         DRSCBGK
    11         CSRFFKG         After Feud: MJSHMSK
    10         DTQFDJH
     9         HLPHHCD
     8         JRDHGBF
     7         HSCKKFB         After Feud: RJDCRNF
     6         JTBKJDC
     5         MBTMMRS         After Feud: CLQTFGR
     4         NHSMLQT
     3         MJRPPTQ         After Feud: CJRPPKQ
     2         NKQPNSR
    Challenge: Mankind
    Rank:      Password:
    12         DHRKNHG
    11         CJSHMJK         After Feud: MJSHMSK
    10         DKTHLKJ
     9         HBLFTBC
     8         JHCFSCB
     7         HJDCRDF         After Feud: RJDCRNF
     6         JKFCQFD
     5         MLQTFQR         After Feud: CLQTFGR
     4         NRRTDRQ
     3         MSSRCST         After Feud: CSSRCJT
     2         NTTRBTS
    Challenge: Ken Shamrock
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JGQKJCJ
    11         HKTHHDH
    10         JJSHGFG         After Feud: SJSHGPG
     9         CCMFFGF
     8         DGBFDHD
     7         CKFCCJC         After Feud: MKFCCSC
     6         DJDCBKB
     5         RMRTTLT         After Feud: HMRTTBT
     4         SQQTSMS
     3         RTTRRNR         After Feud: HTTRRDR
     2         SSSRQPQ
    Challenge: Shawn Michaels
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JHSHQBH
    11         HJRKTFJ
    10         JKQKSDK         After Feud: SKQKSNK
     9         CBPCMHB
     8         DHDCLGC         After Feud: NHDCLQC
     7         CLCFPKD
     6         DKBFNJF
     5         RLTRHMQ
     4         SRSRGLR         After Feud: JRSRGBR
     3         RSRTKPS         After Feud: HSRTKFS
     2         STQTJNT
    Challenge: Triple H
    Rank:      Password:
    12         DGSCNGG
    11         CKRFMKK         After Feud: MKRFMTK
    10         DJQFLJJ
     9         HCPHTCC
     8         JGDHSBB         After Feud: SGDHSLB
     7         HKCKRFF
     6         JJBKQDD
     5         MMTMFRR
     4         NQSMDQQ         After Feud: DQSMDGQ
     3         MTRPCTT         After Feud: CTRPCKT
     2         NSQPBSS
    Challenge: Owen Hart
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JRQKGBK
    11         HSTHKFG         After Feud: RSTHKPG
    10         JTSHJDH
     9         CLMFCHD
     8         DRBFBGF
     7         CSFCFKB         After Feud: MSFCFTB
     6         DTDCDJC
     5         RBRTRMS
     4         SHQTQLT         After Feud: JHQTQBT
     3         RJTRTPQ         After Feud: HJTRTFQ
     2         SKSRSNR
    Challenge: Ahmed Johnson
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JRTCDBJ
    11         HSQFCFH
    10         JTRFBDG         After Feud: STRFBNG
     9         CLNHKHF
     8         DRFHJGD
     7         CSBKHKC
     6         DTCKGJB         After Feud: NTCKGSB
     5         RBSMPMT         After Feud: HBSMPCT
     4         SHTMNLS
     3         RJQPMPR         After Feud: HJQPMFR
     2         SKRPLNQ
    Challenge: British Bulldog
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JRQHDHK
    11         HSTKCJG
    10         JTSKBKH         After Feud: STSKBTH
     9         CLMCKBD
     8         DRBCJCF         After Feud: NRBCJMF
     7         CSFFHDB
     6         DTDFGFG
     5         RBRRPQS
     4         SHQRNRT         After Feud: JHQRNHT
     3         RJTTMSQ         After Feud: HJTTMJQ
     2         SKSTLTR
    Challenge: Faarooq
    Rank:      Password:
    12         DGSFQBK
    11         CKRCTTG
    10         DJQCSDH         After Feud: NJQCSNH
     9         HCPKMHD
     8         JGDKLGF         After Feud: SGDKLQF
     7         HKCHPKB
     6         JJBHNJC
     5         MMTPHMS
     4         NQSPGLT         After Feud: DSQPGBT
     3         MTRMKPQ         After Feud: CTRMKFQ
     2         NSQMJNR
    Challenge: Kane
    Rank:      Password:
    12         JHRFQGH
    11         HJSCTKJ
    10         JKTCSJK         After Feud: SKTCSSK
     9         CBLKMCB
     8         DHCKLBC         After Feud: NHCKLLC
     7         CJDHPFD
     6         DKFHNDF
     5         RLQPHRQ
     4         SRRPGQR         After Feud: JRRPGGR
     3         RSSMKTS         After Feud: HSSMKKS
     2         STTMJST
    Challenge: Goldust
    Rank:      Password:
    12         DHTFBHH
    11         CJQCFJJ
    10         DKRCDKK         After Feud: NKRCDTK
     9         HBNKHBB
     8         JHFKGCC
     7         HJBHKDD         After Feud: RJBHKND
     6         JKCHJFF
     5         MLSPMQQ
     4         NRTPLRR         After Feud: DRTPLHR
     3         MSQMPSS         After Feud: CSQMPJS
     2         NTRMNTT
                 XI. TV Schedule
       All times are U.S. Central.
    Day        Event           Time          Channel
    Monday     Raw Is War      8 pm-10 pm    TNN
    Thursday   Smackdown       7 pm-9 pm     UPN
    Saturday   Livewire        9 am-10 am    TNN
               Jakked          11 pm-12 pm   Check Local Listings
    Sunday     Superstars      9 am-10 am    TNN
               Heat            6 pm-7 pm     MTV
                 XII. Pay Per Views
    Month          PPV
    January        Royal Rumble
    February       Varies
    March          Wrestlemania
    April          Backlash
    May            Judgment Day
    June           King Of The Ring
    July           Fully Loaded
    August         Summerslam
    September      Unforgiven
    October        Varies
    November       Survivor Series
    December       Varies
    Royal Rumble-       Has a 30 man elimination match in which the last man
                        remaining is declared the winner. To eliminate your
                        opponent, you must toss your opponent over the top rope and
                        both of your opponent's feet must touch the floor. The
                        winner gets a WWF Title shot at Wrestlemania.
    Wrestlemania-       Is probably the biggest and best WWF Event all year,
                        showcasing its biggest superstars. It is also one of the
                        most recognizable events in the world, and usually has
                        celebrity appearances.
    King Of The Ring-   Has an 8-man elimination tournament. The winner is declared
                        the King Of The Ring. Some winners of this tournament in
                        the past include Bret Hart, Stone Cold, Billy Gunn, Ken
                        Shamrock, Triple H, and Kurt Angle.
    Survivor Series-    Has several 4 on 4 tag team elimination matches.
                        Individuals from each team are eliminated and the first
                        team to have all 4 of its members eliminated loses.
                 XIII. Credits
    - GameFAQs for posting this FAQ on their site
    - Game Sages for the Game Shark codes
    - WWF.com for the information for parts of information Wrestler Biographies
    - WWF Attitude instruction manual for parts of information for the Wrestler
    If you have any questions, comments, or any suggestions about this WWF Warzone
    FAQ, let me know at cssable@yahoo.com.
    This FAQ may only be used if proper credit is given to its author, Corey Sable.
    No part of this FAQ may be used unless credit is given to me. This FAQ may not
    be altered in any way, shape or form. If you are going to post this FAQ on your
    web site, please give me credit. Please do not take my FAQ and put your name on
    it. It may not be distributed in any way for profit without receiving my full
    consent to do so.
                       (c)Copyright 2000 Corey Sable

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