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    The Alien Wars
    (Game Boy)
    Modes: (# of men/# of continues) 
    	Easy (5/3), Normal (3/3), Hard (3/1), Maniac (1/1)
    Codes: H2F2 Level select (Skip with start button)
    Stage 2: 3 K N T (3/3)
    Stage 3: M D W H (6/3)
    Stage 4: 2 S 3 W (7/3)
    Stage 5: 1 Z 5 C (7/3)
    Stage 1:  In order to successfully complete this level you should try to keep
    the spread gun or the heat seeking gun. When you get to the destroyed
    concrete bridge, jump onto the cement. As you are walking through the fire
    zone, watch out for the exploding fireballs. Try to keep moving at all times.
    When you get to the end boss, the Giant Turtle, hopefully you have saved up
    as many smart bombs as possible. Concentrate your fire on his flashing heart.
    Try to stand directly in front of the heart and watch out for the shots
    coming from his chest. If you stand directly in front of his heart you will
    be able to avoid his thrashing head. If you have a supply of smart bombs,
    keep firing them throughout the battle.
    Stage 2 (over head view): Your main objective is to destroy all the enemy
    soldiers that are in the pods. Follow the arrows that direct you to each one.
    There is a pattern to their fire so if you line yourself up in the right spot
    you will be better off maneuvering around their shots. After you destroy all
    the enemy pods you will face the Boss character. When the Boss character
    lands, concentrate all your fire on the arms. You need to run away from the
    boss when it is rotating and when it stops, fire and take out an arm.
    Continue this pattern with all the other arms. Once all these sections are
    destroyed, concentrate your fire on the big main front gun section of the
    Boss and he will be destroyed.
    Stage 3: As you go to the right move quickly and blow up the rolling pods.
    The first major enemy that you will encounter in Level 3 is the a Windmill
    boss. Stay on the rotating arms and shoot its bottom. Avoid the fire it blows
    on top. Be sure to grab onto the pipe before it blows up. The next section
    scrolls upward and you need to jump up from pipe to pipe avoiding missiles
    and trying not to fall off the screen. The next mid-boss is the "Walker" that
    traps you on the wall. As you are moving upward with the "Walker", just
    concentrate on shooting the missiles that are coming out at you. Once the
    "Walker" stops, the center of it will pound you. To avoid this, gauge its
    movements prior to it thrusting downward and move in the opposite direction.
    All the while you must shoot at its center in order to destroy it. Keep
    moving upwards and you will get to an area with lots of soldiers and shooting
    pods. Eventually you exit this section in the top right corner and meet the
    final boss. The huge skeleton monster will appear from the wall. The monster
    will first shoot fire at you. When he does this, start crawling around the
    walls in a clockwise direction. When you go by the skull, drop to the floor
    (by pressing jump and down) and fire at the creature's skull. This enables
    you to strike him while the fire is coming at you. Whenever the Boss shoots
    out the smart bombs, move to the opposite side of the room. For example, if
    the bombs are set on the right wall, move quickly to the left wall and you
    will avoid the explosion. Once again, the main strategy in killing the
    skeleton monster is to use a clockwise pattern. Remember to shoot at the
    creature's skull whenever the fire is far enough behind you.
    Stage 4 (over head view):  Employ the same strategies that you used on Level
    2. However, in this section you have to contend with the surface waves which
    will your character in many directions. There is always a good spot to stand
    to receive the least amount of damage outside of the waves, but if you try
    and reap the special weapon watch out for the caterpillars. To defeat the
    final Boss character, concentrate your fire on the four flashing eyes which
    are on its sides. Simply avoid the moving pincers.
    Stage 5:  On the first creature, make sure you fire at its mouth when you
    first come to it. Try to destroy all the enemies as they come out of the
    creatures mouth. It is essential to have the spread gun or the heat seeking
    gun in this area. Otherwise you must shoot at him while moving back and forth
    from the platform to the floor or simply use a smart bomb. When you come to
    the giant bug, make sure you jump on his legs when he comes at you. Let him
    carry you to the right hand side. Fall off and stand in the spot directly in
    front of his legs and fire off a smart bomb while shooting at him. Also, make
    sure you look out for the falling debris while you are shooting. You will
    confront yet another head with pill bugs coming out of its mouth.
    The final alien will alternate throwing out his chain arms. Anticipate the
    arms while shooting at the enemies approaching you from both sides of the
    screen. You will be going from corner to corner. Eventually he will shoot
    fire from his mouth. You need to be always moving and shoot the crusher gem
    in the shape of a diamond from underneath and at an angle when you get a

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