Review by ATadeo

"One of the greatest RPGs of all time."

This RPG is, in my honest opinion, the best RPG for the Gameboy. It made me play my Gameboy more and it's just when I thought that RPG will never be good on the Gameboy. Well, I'm wrong. Here's my criteria for judging the greatness of this game:

Gameplay/Controls (10 pts): I'm a RPG fanatic and I must say, I enjoyed this game. This game has a the complete RPG element, it's battle system, the world map/dungeon navigation, interaction with people, and a very excellent story. It's also very interactive. You may talk to people for information about where to go next or what is happening. This will add to the mystery and excitement in the game. For the controls, it is very very easy and you'll be able to master the controls in no time at all. Although, the movement of the character is limited it is still easy to move around.

Storyline (10): This is one of the best stories ever in a RPG. I always enjoyed playing as the hero of the game and try to conquer dungeons, evil monsters, undead creatures to save the Heroine. The story of this game is well planned. The different events interconnect with each other therefore creating a very intimate storyline.

Graphics/Sounds (8 pts): As a game for the Gameboy it definitely tops the list of the games with great graphics for the Gameboy. The people look great, the enemies look really like monsters, and the background/environment is very nice. Although, it is boxed, the graphics is able to show what that particular thing is. For the sound, it's excellent. Especially the sound of the weapons that are pretty much life-like. The background music is also pleasing to hear. They have nice melodies are their mood is just the same as the mood of the story.

Replay Value (5 pts): For this game, the Replay Value isn't considered very much. You'll just replay the entire game, face the same enemies and move on to through the same story. So, this RPG element is the low-down of this game.

As a conclusion, if you want a nice RPG for the Gameboy. I suggest that you try this one. You'll enjoy your entire journey with the hero, battling monsters, and conquering dungeons/caves. You'll keep on playing it until you reach the end. It's very enticing and very well worth of your time and money. So, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and buy the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/12/00, Updated 12/12/00

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