"A game that is definitely worth spending forty bucks on."

Being an RPG fan, I was most displeased that there could be RPG's on Game Boy that I had not played (I don't consider the Pokemon games RPG's), and I immediately embarked on a great quest to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, this was back in 1997-97, when most of the RPG's for Game Boy were next to impossible to find, even used. However the Force must have been with me, for I had been successful, with some assistance from friends, in finding all three installments of the Final Fantasy Legend series. I resolved to find Final Fantasy Adventure if possible and play it. It was in early spring of '98 or maybe late winter when my efforts were rewarded. At my loca game exchange I found Final Fantasy Adventure for about forty big ones. It was not, as I had been led to believe, part of another series of RPG's for Game Boy, but in fact the predecessor (or maybe sequel?) to Secret of Mana for SNES. I forget which but I'm pretty sure it's a prequell. Anyway, I bought it, played it, beat it and can now express my opinion, which has had time to grow since I last reviewed.
Gameplay 10-10. This game features some Zelda-esque puzzles, though none quite so challenging as in the Zelda games. It's more a sort of hit this switch to do this and walk in this particular area to open this door type thing. You might have to lure a monster onto a switch to get a door to open here and there, but that's kinda rare.
The hero of the game is accompanied by no more than one ally, and unlike Secret of Mana, the player can't actually take control of that other ally. FOrtunately Fortunately, the ally's AI isn't too bad, and you can always Ask your ally for assistance. Some will heal your wounds, recover your magic or just give you advice.
The hero has many weapons at his disposal, and most of them possess special abilities that the hero can use when his Willpower meter is at its max. He can throw spears and anxes axes, and flails have a much longer range when used at full power. Then of course you have a variety of spells which will help you on your quest.
Control 10-10. This game's controls are quite simple and generally work well. Magic and items are used with the B button, while the A button makes you use whatever weapon you have equipped. I'm sure you know what the D-pad does.
Audio 10-10. Final Fantasy Adventure features some excellent music. When the story is at a sad moment I.E. the death or departure of a friend, the music is sad. On the world map there are two, count 'em, two themes. Both are adventurous and upbeat. Towns have a peaceful melody, and after you complete one character's task, his home town has the sorrowful melody he plays on his lute. Battle themes (there are three), are nice and uptempo as well, even though there's no percussion accompaniment. They really don't need any.
The sound effects are not the greatest, but they get the job done well enough. Players of the Final Fantasy Legend games will recognize a fair few of them.
Story 10-10. The land is in chaos, threatened by an evil warlord who seeks the power of Mana with which to rule the world. At his side stands the mysterious wizard Julius, whose motives are his own. You, the hero, are a gladiator who was held prisoner by the Dark Lord and forced to fight daily for his entertainment. One day you escaped and overheard the plan to seize the power of Mana. Then you were seen and chased to the edge of a waterfall, where you were then thrown to your death...or so your enemies believed. The quest truly begins when you encounter a mysterious young woman and save her from monsters. Then your quest will take you across strange new lands to find the key to defeating the evil that threatens the world.
Overall 10-10. This is an excellent game, even if its story has been used in many forms over the years. It just draws you ina and, if you like it, it keeps you there until the end. The music might have a hand in it, but as I've always said, music is an important part of a good RPG.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/03/01, Updated 03/17/03

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