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"Final Fantasy meets Zelda"

Final Fantasy Adventure is not your basic Final Fantasy. As a matter of fact, its not a Final Fantasy at all. In Japan it was released as Seiken Densetsu, the first in a completely different series. However, it does have some Final Fantasy elements and many RPG elements. For example, Final Fantasy's Chocobo's have a role in the game, as the hero can use a chocobo (and name it) to navigate the world map.

Considering this is a black and white gameboy game from 1991, the graphics are excellent. Similar to most GameBoy RPGs, and similar to Final Fantasy for NES (except without colour). The enemy animation is quite good too, although more frames would be appreciated. Overall...91%

Not much to talk about here, the sounds are basically what you would expect. 80%

FFAdventure features the superb music of Nobuo Uematsu (correct me if I'm wrong). All pieces are excellently done and suit the part very well. However, there are some dull songs like the various dungeon themes. My favourite music theme from this game would have to be the World Map theme.

Once again theres not much to say here. They're average for a gameboy game, however it would be better if it were possible to buy more than one item in the shop at a time. The ROM controls are easier to use than on the cartridge, in which theres no delay when you talk to someone. 80%

Very easy, particularily on the ROM. Gameplay is very like that of Zelda, and battles are not turn based like FFs 1-10 and MQ. Boss battles offer quite a good challenge at times, but RPG Veterans will never be stuck for too long. 62%

Buy or Rent?
Buy it!!! Its very rare and I don't think you'll find anywhere to rent it anyway... Buy

If you like this game, then you might also like the Zelda series and the Final Fantasy series. And of course, Secret of Mana 1 & 2 (FF Adventure's sequels) and the Playstation game Legend of Mana.

*RPG Beginner friendly
*Cool Level-Up System
*Great Magic Spells
*A Mage or a Fighter? You decide

*Dungeon music can get annoying
*Dungeons are long and hard

It was originally released in Japan, then in 1991 it was released in the US. It was one of the very few FF's under FF7 to be released in Europe, and it was renamed ''Mystic Quest''. No, it has nothing to do with the SNES game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It was re-released in the US in 1998 but currently its out of print everywhere, so you'll either have to download a ROM or buy it second hand for a hefty price.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/13/01, Updated 08/13/01

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