Review by Jawz

"Sorry, But This game just did not live up to my expectations."

Graphics: 8
For a GameBoy game this old this was the only thing that kept this rating out of the basement. The only bad part of this is some monster animation and fight scenes are a little weak.

Sound: 3
The sound on GameBoy is never good anyway and these tunes just get annoying. If you like the mindless tunes of other games then this will keep you going. I never really like the sound in most games and this was no exception.

Fun Factor: 4
Number 1 this game was way to easy! Monsters could mostly be killed with one hit. Bosses should have been monsters. Not bosses. To easy for me. It might entertain a first grader but not me. After you level up to a certain part you can almost walk through the game. Just carry a few elixirs around and keep using cure. The girl is nice to have because she can cure you any time.

Gameplay: 5
The different weapons were nice but the story and lack of a challenge really hurts here. If you think this game was hard then maybe you should think about exactly how good of a gamer are you?

Overall: 5
I think for an easy mindless game for that long road trip this will work. I think if you are looking for a challenge though get something like Final Fantasy Legend II for GameBoy. That took me almost three times longer to beat. A better game? I say yes.

This is not a Final Fantasy Game. It is the first in the Secret of Mana games. Secret of Mana has a much better story line and gameplay. The limited spells in FFA really hurt it. The only ''hard part'' is in the desert when you are trying to find the cave. This took me all of twenty minutes to find. That was the hardest thing to find in the game. The fact that the best shield is next to impossible to get unless you are really lucky is a very bad thing too. At least you did not have to wander around looking for money a whole bunch. That is the only bad thing about Final Fantasy Legend II. Cash is hard to come by. If you are a die hard SOM fan I would recommend that you try it anyway but if not then save your money and buy something worthwhile. If you are stuck with FFA I would be glad to help if you send me and e-mail.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/06/01, Updated 11/06/01

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