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Reviewed: 01/24/02 | Updated: 01/24/02

Kinda like Zelda: Link's Awakening but with a much greater story.

This is probably the best classic Gameboy game ever made. It's story line resembles a book (Elfstones of Shannara), and that there is much detail along the way. You gain many different allies along the way including an Chocobo and a Robot... Plus when you think you have won the game, it turns out that there is so much more.

STORY (10/10): Possibly the 3rd best storyline in a video game, behind the ever great Final Fantasy 7 and Ogre Battle 64. This story has twists throughout, and is very detailed with a very surprising ending. I won't give up anything of the story, but trust me that it is still the best story on a Gameboy game.

GRAPHICS (7/10): The graphics are good but not perfect, but it does fit the game nice. There are different backgrounds for the desert, and each character is detailed differently. The spells are kinda weak looking, but this was an 8 bit gameboy game.

SOUND (8/10): Once again the sound is good but nothing that sticks in your head. It does fit well though, as in sad parts you have the sad music in the background, and in the suspensful parts the music fits. The sound effects are all similiar, but the gameboy soundchip could only do so much.

GAMEPLAY (9/10): This is a spot where it differs from almost if not all the rest of the Final Fantasy series. The ''A'' button slashes with your sword, while ''B'' shoots out your magic. This is not turn-by-turn battle system, and at points it gets hectic with multiple enemies on the screen. However you main character can choose from around 10 different types of weapons that will effect each enemy differently, and each has a power-up move. Also unlike the compared Zelda game, you still level up by fighting, and you in no need go to your max level to win the game. You also have partner characters throughout the story who will fight at your side, including a dwarf. All in all there is much to do in this game.

REPLAYABILITY (9/10): This game has around 48 hours of gameplay on it and after you beat it once you will definitely come again. This is one game you are not going to beat once then quit. You will keep coming back to hear the story once more.

CHALLENGE (6/10): Almost the perfect challenge. As long as you keep your level up it is not to hard at all. The battles are all tricky yet doable, and the final boss will also pose a threat. However the mental challenges in this game are a little too easy. There are a good amount of them however to keep you interested.

OVERALL (9/10): Easily a game you should pick up if you find it. This was the last Final Fantasy game for gameboy I picked up, cause I was afraid of the new fighting system. Turns out that Final Fantasy can make an RPG/Adventure game. Trust the Rat on this one, get Final Fantasy Adventure if you have any type of Gameboy. It is definitely a classic.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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